A Newbie’s Guide To Why You Must Backup Your Hard Drive In The Cloud


Not everyone in the world can take a computer apart and put it back together again. Most people don’t know anything except the basics, even if they work with a desktop every day. You obviously know that your hard drive is used to store information and if it wasn’t there your computer would be empty every time you turned it on. What you probably don’t know is that the hard drive now has a new brother called, cloud storage. It’s something that you need to get your hands on.

Once you have a cloud storage account to go along with your hard drive you won’t lose any important data because it will be backed up. If you were going to choose a company to go with you wouldn’t be disappointed with Dropbox. If you’ve not heard of them you just need to know that they’re one of the best around. To show you what I mean we can go over some of the other ways you can use your account with Dropbox because you’re not just limited to backing up your hard drive.

• Your files are always available

You won’t always be at your computer. You could even be across the other side of the world, but whenever you want to access any file it’s possible. Once you’ve finished working on it you don’t need to do anything because it will automatically update your account. As soon as your home computer is synced up to the Internet it will then replace the old file with the new one.

• Save space

There is only so much storage space you will have on your computer, but you have an unlimited about of storage space on Dropbox. Think about how much room your videos and music files take up. Your hard drive is probably bursting at the seams. From now on you can just send everything into the cloud and you will automatically free up space.

• You can collaborate


If you are working as part of a team on the same project you will find Dropbox useful. Everyone can go in whenever they want to check on how each stage is progressing. Once they have finished working on something they can upload it to the project folder and everyone else will be able to access it. Team work will never be the same again.

• Share links

You have lots of important files you want to share with someone, so what do you do? You might try sending them as an email, but they will be too large and there is so many of them. Dropbox makes it easy because you can put all of the files in a folder and give someone the link to it. They just need to come along and download everything.

• Transfer files

What did you used to do in the past when you wanted to take one file and put it on another computer? If your USB memory stick wasn’t lying around you might have emailed the file to yourself before downloading it onto the other machine. That is a complete waste of time and because you can now do it instantly you concentrate work on more important things.

• Important copies

You will have a few pieces of paper you want to keep safe at all times. Loan agreements, education certificates, a birth certificate, and many more important documents will be lying somewhere inside your home. What will you do if there is a fire and they all get destroyed? At least you’ll have a copy of them in your Dropbox account and you can print out new copies.

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