Social Media War: Why Google+ Can’t Beat Facebook


Whether they want to admit it or not Google Plus was launched to compete head on with social media giant Facebook. Actually Google+ is a resurrection of the same company’s past attempts to get a chunk of the social media market through now discontinued Google Buzz and Google Wave. It seems however that this third attempt is still way behind expectations since it is nowhere near Facebook in terms of ranking as shown by an article from that came out August of this year.

There are many reasons why Google Plus is lagging behind Facebook in social media war and some of the notable reasons are the following:

Google+ Is To Build Business While Facebook Is To Build Both Relationships And Business


Google Plus is good if you have an online business and want to connect with people to increase exposure. When you have your authorship already set and showing in search results, the “+” that you received from friends in Google+ will show along with your picture or company logo.

Some say it helps in increasing traffic but in my case, I still have to see it increasing my traffic. As for Facebook, it is not only good for an online business but also in terms of building relationships online. It is by far the most effective and easiest to use when you are looking to connect with people whether relatives, friends, or simply to create a new market base.

Facebook Is More Personal While Google Plus Is Professional

I have both Facebook and Google Plus accounts and I can say that the latter is not as personal as Facebook. When I say professional, I meant having an aura of being stiff and no non-sense. It is easier to be yourself with Facebook than with Google+.

Facebook Has Better User Interface


The user interface of Facebook is evidently much better because it can show many things in one page. Even though there are ads on the side of Facebook pages, still it does not matter and also people have become accustomed to it. It is very easy for users to change profile pics and upload pictures or videos. In the case of Google+, this activity is not often used by users and this makes the page looking dull and lacking in activity. There is just so many white space when you open your Google plus account.

You Can Share Almost Anything On Facebook

It is obvious that people share more and update their status frequently n Facebook. For a lot of Google Plus users the activity is only when they upload posts or infographics to share to circles of friends and not much is going on when it comes to interactions. If I were to be frank about it, I would say people are in Google Plus just to build reputation in the eyes of Google and their select community or circle.

More Of Your Friends Are In Facebook

Being the number one social media platform, it is a given than many of your friends are using Facebook than Google+. This is my personal experience with having several social media accounts on top of the two here being discussed. More of my friends are actually using Twitter than Google+.

There Are Google Haters

Let us also not discount the fact that there are not a few Google haters out there who do not want anything to do with the search engine giant. They could be small online entrepreneurs whose businesses were affected by algorithm updates and lost their business in the process or simply people who do not like the authoritative approach of Google.

So when I look at the silent social media war that Google is waging against Facebook, I would say that the former is again losing this one just like it did in previous years. Who knows, one day Google would wake up and find that their search engine dominance is already being challenged by Facebook. This I would love to see happening in the near future.

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