How to Use Special Facebook Chat Emoticons?


In this post I am going to share some tips to send cool Facebook chat emoticons (Facebook chat codes) and also few easy ways to send images via Facebook chat and that is really interesting while chatting with friends.

Different Facebook Chat Emoticons


To use different chat effects and emoticons, you can follow the below methods, I am mentioning:

Sending Profile Picture of a User or a Page

  1. If you want to send the profile pic of any user you have to enter the following code in chat box: [[username]]
  2. Username is placed at the end of the URL of user’s or page’s timeline. Below xxxx is username for the profile or page.

  3. For example sending [[Example]] will show the timeline image of the facebook page of TechBlogCloud and similar for any user as shown in the above image.

Sending an Image

  1. There is a cool website which provides code for any given image by which any image can be sent using facebook chat. This website is Facebook Smiley Chat Codes.
  2. To get an image code, go to Facebook Chat Codes Maker and follow these steps to send the image to the person, you are chatting with.
  3. Firstly, you have to choose a file by selecting the Choose File button on the webpage from your computer.
  4. After selecting the image,click on Upload Now.
  5. In a few seconds, you will get the image code.
  6. Paste that code to the Facebook chat box and hit Enter.
  7. You can see the image in chat box and the user can also see to whom you are chatting with.

Sending Facebook Chat Text in Different Fonts

  1. Again you may use Facebook Smiley Chat Codes for this purpose mentioned in the method of sending an image.
  2. To get different type of fonts’ code, go to Facebook Chat Text Generator.
  3. Select the font from the list, in which you want to send text.
  4. Type your message and you can see its preview and codes below your message box.
  5. Paste that code to the chat box for sending different type of Fonts.

These are the methods and Facebook chat emoticons which I wished to share with my readers. I will be posting new tricks soon to make your chat more funny and interesting. I hope, you guys will enjoy it. If you have any other tricks to do so, do not forget to share in comment box below. If you are having any query, then please use the comment box below and we will discuss it.

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