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Are you still working with the age-old version of Office 2007? It is high time that you move on to MS Office 2010 for a better working environment that you love with the Office suite. MS Office 2010 update will give you lot-more-than-expected features which you will love to explore. In all dealing with your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc will get smoother across a wide range of platforms.

In the transition between Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, you will see some noticeable improvements in the interface. Navigation has been made easier because of the new backstage view, among other improvements:

Interface Enhancements

The most significant interface change is the File tab, which replaces the previous Office button in Microsoft Office 2007. After you click the File tab, you will see the backstage view. In this particular view, you can open or save files, set permissions, define document properties, print or share documents, manage versions of files, etc. In Backstage view, the document will preview automatically before printing.

Be aware that this tab is the same color as the application icon and does not change color when de-activated.

Customizing and Minimizing the Ribbon

Another important feature of Office 2010 involves the Ribbon. In Office 2007, you could customize the Quick Access Toolbar. However, it is now possible to customize the Ribbon as well.

New Themes and Improved Smart Graphics

Approximately 25 new themes for professional designs have been added in Microsoft Office 2010 update as well as several additional Smart Art graphics layouts.

You can insert pictures into the various layouts or convert pictures directly into Smart Art graphics, and each shape has a caption where you can add descriptive text.

New Screenshots Feature

A new Screenshots command on the Inserts tab will allow you to capture and insert screenshots from any open application directly into Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

Improved Sharing and Collaboration

You can collaborate in real time with others working from their PCs, browsers, or phones, know when others are actively working in your documents, and work with others simultaneously on the same file.

Paste Preview

The Paste Preview is a new copy and paste feature that comes with Office 2010. You can now paste correctly the first time without having to undo. In addition, a newly designed Paste Options button (keyboard shortcut key is Ctrl) gives the options to keep source formatting, merge formatting, or to keep text only.

Picture-Editing Capabilities

Improved picture-editing capabilities are now available in most Office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. There are new correction tools such as sharpen and soften, as well as improved brightness and contrast tools. The new color tools include color saturation, color tone, and an improved recolor tool. There are also some improved crop and background removal tools and some new Smart Art layouts. Once you choose a different layout from the Ribbon, a wide variety. There is new OpenType feature, which includes ligatures, stylistic sets, and alternate number forms.

Automatic Background Removal Of Pictures

Another advanced picture editing option in Word 2010 is the ability to automatically remove unwanted portions of a picture, such as the background, to highlight the subject of the picture or to remove distracting detail.

Recover Unsaved Work

It is now easier to recover a Word document if you close your file without saving, or if you want to review or return to an earlier version of the file you’re already working in. As with earlier versions of Word, enabling Auto Recover will save versions while you are working in your file at the interval you select.

Now, you can keep the last auto saved version of a file in case you accidentally close that file without saving, so that you can easily restore it the next time that you open the file. Also, while you are working in your file, you can access a list of the auto saved files from the Microsoft Office Backstage view.

Work better together

Word 2010 helps you to work with your colleagues more efficiently. Word 2010 also includes features to keep your information more secure when you share your work, and to keep your computer more secure from files that might not be safe.

Like the above mentioned enhancements in the features and tools there are much more that Office 2010 offers to you in Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, Outlook etc that you must explore for your increased efficiency. Get the latest MS office 2010 update right away.

You can look for the latest Office 2010 update through vendor or by visiting the official website of Microsoft.

Have you updates to MS Office 2010? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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