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When we were kids music, TV , and cricket are used to be the best time pass. If we talk about music at that time there are no iPods, Mobiles we listen music on tape recorder, or on radio . Music is that part of life and it get attached to every person. No matter he is young or Old. We love music and we believe you also.

But time has changed there are lots of ways to listen music, You can listen it on PC, Laptop, Ipods, MP3 players and mobiles. But there are also other great ways such like Music Streaming websites. All you have to do is just open the web browser and access the streaming websites.

Below we tried our best to find the perfect application for you so that you can enjoy you special moments.

Music Streaming Websites is a great place to stream music online. This website allows there user to choose there desired artist and then it plays according to the preferences. As music plays display the different album art of the artist. And This services is free and it is available on so many cross platform application . Be sure to check this on – Link


Pandora is more like and it is very popular in eastern countries specially in USA. Interface of the website looks really great and cozy. This service allows you to create a station with your favorite artist and plays you preference. But there is also a negative point that some songs are same in many artist. They have Bad library management. Link


Blip is another a great application which let you mix your music like DJ. They have made the site in such way that it actually makes you feel like that you are DJing. It is a music website which combine music to Social networking. Just like twitter you have followers on Blip you have listeners. This website worth a try . Sigh up and ready to drive your audience crazy Link

Google Music Beta

There are very few people who knows about Google Music. Although Beta shows that it is a experimental project and it is under development process. It is basically a cloude based service which let you access you music from everywhere. This is a invite based service as i have already mentioned it is beta so to get an account request for an invite Link

Pure Volume

Pure volume is among best music streaming websites. It is designed with emerging musicians and artists in mind. If you have a band or you can play with string of guitar you can upload your work here. Its is acctually for artists and let them upload the songs on the site’s database. It means you have huge amount of songs to listen. But they all are from unknown or less famous artists. Link


Saavn is another a great website which will allow you to stream songs in Hindi and Indian Languages. You can listen from movies, artist and pop albums. This service is absolutely free and you can socialize it with Facebook Saavn app. You can also have its app in Android and iOS devices

These are some best music streaming websites available on the internet. We hope you will find them useful, if you have any doubt and queries don’t hesitate to ask.

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