Increase Traffic to Your Blog with 6 Break Hell Loose Tips


Increasing traffic to a website and increasing traffic to blog are way too different. If you think by practicing some few good tips, you can easily implement them across all blogs and websites then you are wrong. Because to increase traffic to your blog requires specific techniques.

I am sure many new bloggers followed a generalized approach towards traffic generation but failed to see desired results within the set period.

The basic reasons why some bloggers fail to increase traffic to blogs are,

Blog Traffic vs. Website Traffic

They fail to understand that website traffic and blog traffic are different. While one has to update a blog regularly, a website is updated less frequently. So Off-page SEO plays a bigger role in drawing traffic to a webpage. But to increase traffic to your blog, you need to focus more on On-page optimization.

Traffic Tips for Niche Specific Blogs

Blogs are niche specific. You can’t adopt the same rules a photography blog applies, for your technology related blog. Sooner or later, you will fail for sure. The photography web master can afford to spend considerable amount of time on social networks for sharing the high quality multi-media content. But the tech blogger has to find a different technique for increasing traffic to blog.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog?


So, what’s the right way to bring traffic to a blog? Are there universal ways to increase traffic to your blog, irrespective of niche? To be frank there isn’t any. But, below I have listed some best ways to bring traffic for closely related niches.

1. Target Your Audience With Keyword Tools

The first step to increase traffic to your blog is keyword research. It serves as the backbone of the whole blog traffic generation process. Most of your visitors are directed through various search engines. So never underestimate this tip.

For whichever niche you may be blogging, select 2-3 keywords to aim in each blog post. If your blog post ranks higher for any of these keywords then your blog will surely get many hits.

2. Contribute Good Quality Content Regularly

After selecting the keyword for the blog post, the next step is to write good blog content. Visitors love to read interesting topics full of facts and information. Try to frame a quality content which is hard to find anywhere else.

Apart from writing a quality post, you need to maintain a quality blog too. So make sure that you contribute with such qualitative blog posts each time. It is a sure short way of maintaining a healthy traffic to your blog.

3. Use SEO Friendly Tools to Boost Blog Traffic

Search engine friendly tools can also boost blog traffic greatly. Include easy to use optimized plug-in like Yoast SEO tool, All in One SEO and others. You can also opt for many free SEO plugins for other CMS like Blogger, Joomla etc.

An optimized premium theme also makes it easier to increase traffic to your blog. It’s clean and search engine friendly codes helps posts to rank higher with less efforts. This greatly reduces the dependence on off-page SEO techniques.

4. Force and Bring Visitors to Your Blog

A smart way of driving traffic to any blog is through social media sharing. If you find that your blog gets less traffic then initially you have to go where the traffic is. Blog promotion and marketing is a good way for getting more traffic to a blog.

Share recent posts with your friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and others. Blog commenting, guest blogging are some other quality SEO ways to get more visitors.

5. Welcome Traffic With Good Blog Design

OK, now you have done most of the things correctly to increase traffic to your blog. But, keeping your blog visitors engaged is also a major part of this process. Otherwise it won’t be beneficial. So aid your blog posts with good blog design.

Have good blog navigation, soothing buttons, more white spaces, good typography with proper spacing etc. Get rid of unnecessary links, ads and images to encourage your visitors to read the post.

6. Track Traffic to Blog Using Google Analytics

Lastly, check that you are successfully driving traffic. You can use the free Google Analytics tool to keep a track of your visitors. Analyze each and every parameter of the tool and list down your audience sources.

It is a very good SEO tool that lets you know how best you can bring more traffic. Incase you are not seeing positive results then change ways to increase traffic to your blog. Keep on altering until you find a good plan for your blog.

If increasing traffic to a blog was easy, then it would have been chaos all around the blogosphere. But few blogs have been charming their readers for years. So don’t lose hope. You too can drive a crowd towards your blog in quick time.

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