5 Helpful Tips To Choose Unique Domain Name


Let’s be very frank. How often have we realized that the domain of our choice has already been registered? Finding a unique domain name can be a very daunting task. If you were personally involved in registering a domain for your website, then you would surely agree with me. Always our first choice for domain names is already taken and sadly we had to settle for alternative ones.

But, what if we are stuck in between and find it difficult to think of a better substitute. I too had to go through sleepless nights until I registered my unique domain name and you too should register your domain name immediately. Follow these helpful tips to choose unique domain name.

How To Choose Unique Domain Name

Before we get through the details, let me just remind you that domain names are the human readable names for an Internet Protocol resource and are permanent. Ofcourse, you can buy or sell domains and have to renew it from time to time but permanent in the sense that, you cannot edit or change the domain name. So, express great caution to choose unique domain name for your blog or website.

1. The shorter, the better

Short and concise domains are not just better, rather they are the best ones. Let’s not forget that, unless you indulge in heavy SEO practices, most of your visitors have to navigate to your website by typing the address either in the browser’s address bar or in search engines.

To facilitate your visitors, try to keep it to a minimum. Online Internet users have become smarter with evolving keyboard shortcuts. So, limit the domain name within 10 characters, excluding the left-most (www) and the right-most label (.com or .org or any other top-label domain).

2. Keep it simple, silly

Yes, keep it as simple as possible, but not silly. Usually, when it’s our first time, we get tempted to select a fancy domain name that may sound pompous, in the aim to choose a unique domain.

Sadly, with time, we realize we ended up choosing the wrong one. But it would have been too late then. So it’s wise to resist your urge to run after tempting names for your website. And please do not settle for a domain name in one go. Take your time and choose wisely.

3. Avoid special characters


Choose unique domain name for your website doesn’t mean including special characters. Avoid using them in domain names, please. Special characters are one of the biggest offenders and can significantly lower web traffic.

Restrict using characters like numerals, underscore, hyphens, dots and other non alphabet characters. You may choose a different top level domain instead.

4. Include Keywords


Unavailability of the desired domain name can be a blessing in disguise. With thoughtful analysis you can include specific keywords in the domain name itself.

If you are able to place an important keyword of your niche, then there are chances that the new website will rank higher in search engines, effortlessly. But, a hint of caution, do not pester it with a number of keywords. And adhere to tip #1 and 2. Accordingly choose unique domain name for your website.

5. Think Long-Term

If you are serious about your website and don’t want all your efforts to choose unique domain name doesn’t go in vain, then register your domain for multiple years.

By registering your domain for multiple years not only keeps it safe for your exclusive use, but also promotes search engines to view your site as an authentic one, and not just another spam website.

So if you thought naming a website domain was easy then I must ask you to rethink, else your domain too would make it into the list of laughing stock domains soon. If you want to brand your company or startup or simply your personal blog, then you have to be serious about choosing a decent domain name. Do I still hear, “what’s in a name”?

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