5 Less Known Time Saving Tips To Write Blog Posts Fast


In an aim for quick success, writing quality posts fast has been the dream of many bloggers and content writers. But sadly, over the time, only a less number of them have mastered the secrets to write blog posts fast. This post covers the tips on how to write them in less time.

How to Write Blog Posts Super Fast & Save Time?

You must have heard fellow bloggers saying, “Blogging is money”. As opposed to your early preconception, that “Time is money”. Is not it? Well whatever it is, this blog post is certainly not about debating on that matter.

But what if you somehow improve your “blogging time” and utilize it properly. Guess what? Other than staying on the safer side of this debate, you could be able to gather plenty in your PayPal accounts in quick time. So what are you waiting for, read the complete post on how to write blog posts fast in less time.

1. Have a Flexible Blogging Schedule


In my earlier post on Blogging productivity, I mentioned the need to have a proper routine. But to write blog posts fast, I would rather suggest having a flexible one. You don’t need to follow a strict 9-6 routine and stick to it, no matter what.

For writing blog posts super fast, you need a FLEXIBLE schedule. Whenever you feel like writing or a new topic strikes your mind, write it down. Or instead of framing the entire content, you may think of jotting it down on a white board or a piece of paper. That way, you don’t have to run short of ideas anytime.

2. Remove All Disturbing Sources

Getting rid of all short of distractions is another great way to write blog posts faster. By distractions, I refer to all types of distractions. It includes both real and virtual sources of disturbances.

Choose a proper place to write blog posts faster. Ensure that noone disturbs you for atleast one hour. I am sure it would be more than fine to write good blog content. Also stay away from social media networks, mails, IM and if possible, even from your phones. Simply sign out. It’s the best way of saying “Please Do Not Disturb me now, I am busy blogging” .

3. Read a Lot of Related Topics

You must be wondering, how is that going to help? Through reading you get to know about trending topics. Reading posts from other in your niche can actually help you to write blog posts fast. Make it a habit of reading a lot in your free time.

Having a prior knowledge on the topic before hand is much better than excessively reading before making a blog post. So when you decide to write a post, all the basics comes back to you instantly. You don’t have to search for those again in Google (Except the facts and figures, of course, which you need to cross check).

4. Use Smart Techniques to Write Fast

To be frank, writing blog posts faster is a habit and it varies from blogger to blogger. Each of them employs different tactics to write blog posts fast. So it’s better if you continue discovering new techniques to write blog posts faster.

My personal preferred choice is to first frame the skeleton of the blog posts. I list down what all to include in a post. And depending on the requirement and word count, I add meat to it. That way I decide, how much elaborate my introduction and conclusion needs to be. But use a pre-written blogging template to write a blog posts. You may risk the chances of duplicate content and your posts might appear monotonous for readers.

5. Practice Writing Blog Posts Fast


So, we come down to the last time saving tip to write blog posts fast. Great. Writing good quality content in less time requires a lot of practice. Noone can develop the habit overnight.

Keep on following these habits on writing quick blog posts and do not lose patience. With time, you will surely see positive results. I know blogging monotonously for a long time is a very boring process, so try to keep things simple and fun. Do not aim for perfection, instead use a timer and always try to over-run it. Also find ways to increase your typing speed.

Writing Blog Posts Faster – Overview

In a competitive blogging niche to be successful, you need to write blog posts fast. Yes, time is the new currency. Don’t let slow writing speed affect your blog’s progress. So, for you, what does it take to write blog posts fast? Share your views.

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