Things To Know Before Selling Your Used Car


The time must come that you have to part with your used car and think of ways to sell it. It is not difficult to sell your second hand car especially if you have the intention of selling it at a low price. But if you want to maximize the money you can get out of the sale, might as well consider the following useful tips.

Determine the ideal market price

You used car has a market price based on its brand, model, as well as condition. Find out how much your car costs if you were to buy it second hand. You can check this out online in some sites that offer for sale second hand cars. There is a price range and you have to decide what price is appropriate for your used car. Try to stick to the price that you have. Start with a higher price and then also have a rock bottom price in mind. Price haggling is common so prepare to give additional discount which leads you to your last price.

Prepare the documents

Make sure the car registration as well as your identification papers are in order. Have the documents xeroxed so there is a copy. Buyers will be asking to look at the documents so it is necessary to have the original as well as duplicates ready.

Get it Repaired

Since you will be selling your own car, it pays to make sure it is in good running condition. Have the knocking sound repaired, get a paint wash-over, and improve other details to make sure the car is attractive to buyers. This can help in asking for a higher price in most cases.

Sell on As-Is basis

If you have no more budget to get the car repaired or it already is in good running condition because of your proper maintenance, then sell it on as-is basis. Selling on as-is basis means that the buyer cannot argue later if they found other defects in the car.

Avoid selling to used car dealers

If you want to get a good price for your used car, then do not sell it to used car buyers with the intention of reselling it. Dealers of used cars will try to find all kinds of defects and then offer a very low price. They have to make money by reselling it so it follows that if they can get your car for a song, they would do it. If you’re not in a hurry to sell, just wait for a direct buyer who can offer a better price.

How to avoid selling to used car dealers


Used car dealers are annoying especially when it comes to their offer. One way to avoid them is to put “direct buyer only” below the for sale tag that you will put on the car. This will caution them that you are only looking for buyers who intend to use the car themselves. But some used car dealers will still try to pose as a direct buyer especially if they are looking for the same brand and model of your car. If they can agree to your last price, then there should be no problem.


Advertising can help a lot in selling your car faster. Try online sites where you can post ads for free. One way of effectively advertising your used car for sale is to place the car where it can be easily seen by motorists. Along the highway, parking lots, or in gasoline stations can help in this regard. Another is by parking the car in a vehicle repair shop.

Prepare the deed of sale

You have to be ready with a deed of sale where the particulars of your car are already prepared. Do not forget also to have an attached contract that says the car is used and that the sale is on an as-is where is basis. This means you have no warranty on the car and it is the buyer’s lookout. The buyer is buying a used car therefore it is no longer in pristine condition and can have defects that even you did not notice earlier.

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