10 Things To Do Before Publishing The Article


Blogging becoming popular day by day. Thousands of blogs launched everyday. Competition is really tough. It is important to keep your blog ahead of everything. In my previous post we have discussed about the easy and proven ways to promote the blog. You can learn more about blog promotion here. Today in this post I am going to tell 10 things to do before publishing the article. Some important things to keep in mind before hitting the publish button.

Sometimes it is really awkward when you forgot something and after publish, you realize that. You go back and fix it. It will make bad impression on your visitors. Presenting your work in a mannered and systematic way will increase your blog authority. Let’s get started and take a look on the 10 things to do before publishing the article.

10 Things To Do Before Publishing The Article.

1- Before publishing the article, it is important to read it twice. If you think you can write better or improve some sentences do it. Keep your article easy and helpful.

2- Pay attention to the grammar and spelling. Many people do these little mistakes. If you in profession, it is important to do it right way. Keep your grammar and spelling correct. Don’t write complex articles. Try to make your article simple.

3- Interlinking your blog can help you in PR and traffic. It is nice to link your post to other articles of you blog. Check twice before publishing that your links are working. Your readers don’t want to see 404 page. It would make really bad impression on your readers as well search engine also don’t appreciate it.

4- Images are the good way to create interest in particular topic. Including image on your post can increase the interest of the readers. If your post is about tutorial or how to , then it is important to include images. I have written some post based on how to guides. where I included screen shots for better understanding.

These are some example of how to posts which I have written in past few months. Include image whenever required.

5- When it comes to SEO, It is really important. You can’t simply neglect this. You did all the necessary steps for SEO optimize post. But sometimes people forgot about the images. Adding Alt tag to your image will help you in image optimization in Search Engines. If you use WordPress for blogging you can use SEO friendly Images to add Alt Tag automatically.

6- Publish your post in correct/relevant category is a good thing. You can also use meta tags to group multiple post of one kind. Always publish your article for the most suitable categories.

7- For making your post SEO optimize you have to keep many things in mind. Adding title tag, meta description, meta keywords, images alt text, interlinking, outbound links and much more.

Before publish the article make sure you have done all the necessary things for the Search engine optimization. Using relevant keywords is also helpful. You can use tools like Traffic Travis and Googel Adwords keyword tools. They will help you with keyword research.

8- Giving credit is the ethical work. If you found something online and you are republishing it in your own voice. Don’t forget to credit them . Best way to add source info in the end of your post.

9- As mentioned earlier, it is important to interlink your blog. You can embed old post in your current articles if relevant. Many blogger avoid it. But interlinking you blog and keywords can help you with SEO and Page Rank .

10- The final and foremost important thing is to follow all the nine points. Follow these points and take your blog to the next level. You can’t get success overnight but can start working today. Put your constant efforts,

Patient is important in online success. If you have done something you will see the results after sometime. These the top 10 things to do before publishing the article.

If you have any new ideas or suggestions let us know via comments below.

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