7 Last Things To Check Before Next Google PR Update


It’s November again, and we will soon be expecting a new PR update. There is no guarantee of Google releasing its next PR update on November 2012, but atleast there is much speculation among bloggers. And these rumors about the next Google PR update across social media are somewhat correct. It’s because, we have almost approached the due date of November, 2012. But, there is no hard and fast rule on when Google will next update page rank of websites.

So, due date on not, there is nothing wrong in getting ready, for the next Google PR update. Because, the last thing we want is to find our page rank been reduced. The best way to avoid it is by checking, what needs to be done to ensure a better page ranking.

Is your website ready for the next Google PR update?

Improving website’s page rank needs time and there are absolutely no shortcut ways to increase page rank fast within few days, just before the next Google PR update. It would certainly not help in increasing page rank. But, still, through this last minute check, you can get rid of low quality backlinks, which might be affecting the page rank of your website.

Last minute checks before next Google PR update

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I have listed down few things webmasters can check before the next Google PR update rolls out. So, read it more of improving your website’s page rank rather than increasing the page rank.

1. Recheck internal linking structure

Add as much internal link juice as possible by inter-linking your blog posts/ articles. Choose proper anchor text and link them. You can also try out popular plugins like WordPress Related Post and Yet Another Related Post plugins. If possible, add some few more pages.

2. Get rid of all low quality links

With the help of any backlinks checker tool, analyze all backlinks to and from your website. I personally use Monitor Backlinks free SEO tool. Links from spam websites are as much risky as links to spam sites. Remove all such links.

3. Keep an eye on page loading speed

We all are aware that, page loading speed is an important parameter of Google page rank. But, still why we unnecessary are using a number of useless plugins. Check and analyze page loading speed using YSlow or Web Page Speed. Also optimize your media library.

4. Are you a coder?

If you are using a W3C valid theme for your blog/website then may be you are out of danger. But if not, then you have to switch over to a clean and properly coded template soon. You can also hire a coder to modify your existing theme.

5. Social media sharing

Sharing posts and pages on social networks and bookmarking sites, offer free do-follow links. Take full advantage of it during this period. Go on sharing your posts on sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and G+ etc.

6. Flex your influence in your niche

If you consider yourself an influential person in your niche, then there is good news. You can ask some of your fans and followers to add a banner with a link to your website on their websites/blogs.

7. Spend quality time with Google webmasters

I know there is nothing romantic in it, but still it’s the best time to check how your website is functioning. You can get rid of all crawl errors and malwares in the site, before the next Google PR update.

What else can you do before the next Google PR update

I know I am being too harsh by suggesting so many things to do at a time, just before the next Google page rank update. But, if you still find time, then other than waiting for the PR update, you can also try out few of these things.

  • Blog Commenting – Keep commenting on high PR niche blogs.
  • Guest Posting – Write some quality guest posts for others.
  • Involvement in forums – Be active in high PR forums by replying to queries.
  • Keep doing the good work – Stop worrying too much about the PR update and continue writing good quality content.
  • Ready to go some extra distance? – Switch over to a dedicated server or register the website domain name for multiple years.

If you keep these things in mind, then I am sure, Google would find it hard to penalize your website, by lowering its page rank. And as far as, improving your website’s page rank is concerned; get it fully ready for the next Google PR update. Also do suggest some other ways to consider before the new update is announced. Best wishes.

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