How Technology Is Changing The Cannabis Industry

How Technology Is Changing The Cannabis Industry

Although cannabis has been around for many years, the technologies around it keep improving. Whether it’s directly for cannabis growing equipment, methods, extraction methods and even to the way they’re heated up. The world is changing. Not only for the average person but even for pot smokers.

Since marijuana was medically legalized in California, it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride to get cannabis legalized. Although over 11 states have legalized for recreational and over 30 states have legalized medically, weed still gets a bad name. In some places you see dispensaries with the green cross and other places have mobile dispensary services.

Different Technologies

As time goes on, technology advances super fast. Different industries mature and excel quicker than others. Cannabis falls under one of those niches. No one was really working on accelerating the industry until recently. Here are the most recent developments.


Vaporizers are a very unique device that requires you to put your material in the chamber and heat it up to the point right before it combusts. Combustion is when your herbs get burnt up rather than cook into vapor. For a vaporizer, you can use dry herb flowers, wax concentrates or even oils. They all work in different ways and generally require a different device for each.

The most common vapes are oil vaporizers because they can be used with THC, CBD or nicotine e-liquids. Wax vaporizers Weed vaporizers are also very common but not as much as the rest. They are great if you don’t want to smoke anymore. Simply pack your herbs in the chamber, vaporize it to your desired temperature and inhale the vapor. The best dry herb vaporizers will always be able to change temperature and use convection heating.

Extraction Methods

Extracting marijuana has been increasingly popular over the past 10 years. Taking your flower herbs and turning them into the various waxes is popular because of the efficiency of wax. Wax comes in many forms from crumble, budder, shatter, distillate, rosin, and much more. You get the different forms of wax from the way it’s made.

Wax is super strong in its potency and provides full flavor that you can’t get elsewhere. Especially with low-temperature dabbing, you can taste a lot more flavor. Burning herbs will give you a burnt taste that is not so palatable.

THC and CBD-Infused Products

Edibles and other products with CBD or THC infused in them are becoming very popular. Over 15 years ago, you would have never imagined being able to put cream on your body and get the benefits of medical marijuana. Nowadays, you can use CBD gummies, edibles, creams, tinctures, coffee, tea, soda drinks and much more to be able to get the effects.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The blockchain has been one of the biggest controversial and fastest advancing technologies. Many economists say this will be what disrupt the financial system and trust in doing business. The blockchain is essentially a digital ledger which anyone can see what is going on. This is what cryptocurrencies use the transfer and blockchains require cryptocurrencies to work.

The first way the blockchain invention is going to help the cannabis industry is by making sure you can track seed to sale. If you have ever bought cannabis and wondered where it came from this is how you can do it. Using a specific code, you can track from where the seed came, where it was grown, how much water and nutrients it’s been given and much more. You essentially make sure if nothing shady had happened.

Counterfeit is the next problem that is coming to this industry. Vape pens are known to be counterfeited because it’s so easy and there’s a high demand for them. It mostly happens with fake branding and fake oils. These can pose health threats.

Cryptocurrency is also helping the industry by letting dispensary accept other forms of payment other than cash. Instead of worrying about credit/debit cards, buyers are using cryptocurrency. This even allows the dispensary store owner withdraw their money right away, turn that into cash or use it to buy products directly.

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