Some Hidden Uses Of The Mouse


In everyday life while using Computer, We all uses mouse very often. But we don’t uses all function of the Mouse. Today I will tell you the some hidden uses of the mouse that will increase your overall productivity while using the computer.

Some Hidden Uses of The Mouse

Shift key and mouse click (Selecting Text in click)

Shift key and click the mouse makes our computing much easier. It makes our job so much easier, such as had never before. For example- In text editor place the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph, Hold down the Shift key & click at the end of that paragraph to select that part of paragraph. Or to copy paste this selected Paragraph to another text editor Press just hold Left mouse key and drag it to another text editor.

Alt + Mouse click (Selecting Text in Columns)

To select text in a column or if you want to select column type text in a paragraph Hold down the alt key & with left key of mouse selecting some text and drag your mouse either up and down. This will select only that area of paragraph in a Column Type as Shown in below Figure:

Ctrl + Mouse click (Selecting Multiple Pieces of Text)

To select multiple text of a paragraph hold down the ctrl key & select text in a paragraph that you want to select. This will only select that part of paragraph text not complete paragraph lines as shown in below figure.

Scroll Mouse Button (Open and Close Tabs & more)

Every time we use Scroll to use only scrolling the page in up or down. But it has a hidden feature. We can use this button to open a new tab or close an existing open tab in a web browser like chrome. When you search anything on a search engine you will many of search result there. To open that search result in a new tab just click scroll button on that. It will open that result in new tab. To close the existing tab in a browser just move your cursor on it & press scroll Button. It will close that tab.

Tip :- Zoom: To ‘zoom in or zoom out’ in browser window hold the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse up & down. This will also work in Microsoft Office e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point.

Use the Windows Snap to feature


Take full advantage of the Windows mouse Snap To feature, this will automatically move your pointer to default button in a dialog box. For example, if you want to save a file or close a file you may get a prompt asking you “do you want to save changes to” want to perform the task. With the Snap To feature enabled, the mouse cursor automatically moves to the “YES” button. This will save your time of moving the mouse cursor over to the “YES” button.

*To enable this feature Go To Control Panel>>Mouse>>Pointer Option>> check the Snap To.

Hope this Knowledge increase productivity while using the computer.

To know more about using Mouse in Windows Click here.

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