How To Save Web Pages As PDF


Recently I wrote an article : How to make pdf speak? Today again I am going to share a cool trick,which may be known to some of the readers and may be useful for those who are not aware of it yet. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to save any webpage as pdf. Let’s start:

Why do we need to save a webpage as pdf?

The first question arises in our mind after reading the title is why do we need to save a webpage as pdf. Here are the reasons:

  1. Whenever you read a tutorial or a guide, and you like it,you wish to save it. For example: A user is reading about solar energy on wikipedia and he/she wants to save this page as future reference to study,when he/she is offline.
  2. Simply saved pages are sometimes not well arranged.
  3. A pdf file keeps the content well arranged.
  4. Sometimes, a protected copy of webpage may be required, and pdf file protects the content inside it by editing/modifying easily.

How do we save a webpage?

Here are the general methods used for saving a webpage:

  1. Generally,when we save a webpage; we use right click of mouse and save the page using the option save as. (Google Chrome Users)
  2. We can save a page by using Menu Bar>>File>>Save Page As. (Mozilla Firefox Users)
  3. By using a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S.

How to save a webpage as pdf?

To save the webpage as pdf, any of the following methods may be used:

  1. Right click on the webpage and go to print option. (Google Chrome Users)
  2. Go to Menu Bar>>File>>Print. (Mozilla Firefox Users)
  3. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.
  4. After that,you will see a page named print as shown in image.
  5. Change the destination to pdf (if it is not pdf already).
  6. Modify other options according to your requirements.
  7. Click on Save and it will ask you where to save the file.
  8. Name the file and it will be saved as a pdf in your desired place.

Thanks for reading the article. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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