How To Retrieve Windows Lost Password


Sometimes we forget our PC LOG ON Password and after many efforts we don’t find the Windows Lost Password. Previously, I have discussed How to Create Strong Password & How to Create Logon Password for Windows. Today we will discuss about How to retrieve windows lost password. To retrieve windows lost password first try to guess the Windows Password You Forgot. If you are not able to guess then try these following methods.

For Windows XP


You can reset the user password by using admin account. Most of the people run their windows with a user account. So when you forgot a user login Password in windows XP reset it by Administrator Account. To logon with Admin Account Press Alt + Control + Delete twice at windows logon Screen. You will see a windows asking for user name and password.

In user name put Administrator & the password field leave blank. Click OK, now you will be able to logon in Administrator Account. Then you are able to reset user password. To reset the password Right Click on My Computer, Click on Manage. You will see Local User & Groups. Double click on Users & find the username of the user which password you want to reset. Now right click on user name & click on Set Password. Put the new password. Logoff the Admin user & logon with new password to the user which password you have forgot. If you forgot Administrator Account Password then follow below tutorial.

For Windows 7

Recover Password For Windows 7

To reset Password in Windows 7 you have to download a Live bootable CD OR hIREN bOOT c. First download the files and make a Bootable CD. After Creating the bootable CD Boot your computer or laptop with the CD. You will see a Mini Windows XP option Boot with it.

After Login with Live Windows. You will see the option of HBCD menu.

  • Double Click on HBCD Menu
  • Go to Programs
  • Then password Keys
  • Windows Login

You will see the Various option for Resetting Windows Password.

Download Link of Hiren Boot CD.

This tutorial is for education purpose only.

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