5 Reasons Why Windows 7 Is Best


Our favorite Operating Systems come in many flavors. But now the days, Windows 7 running the best. After announcing retiring Windows XP, Windows 7 became the most famous Operating System. Microsoft has been launched Windows 8 but still it’s not using by most. Today We will discuss Points that make Windows 7 is best.

1. Easy to Navigate

Microsoft launched Windows 7 in 2009, and most of us have been using it ever since. This mean, now we are so familiar with its working so that we can practically use it with closed eyes. After windows 7, Microsoft has recently launched Windows 8.1 developer Preview with start button. Windows 8, however, is designed with the touchscreen in mind. But Window 7 is still the most preferring OS.

2. Great Community

Windows 7 have the greatest Community on the planet, having more than Hundred Million Users. If we face any issue or problem in it, there is strong probability somebody else will have the same issue & they will probably have asked for help or blogged out their experience. This is great, because you can find solution of the same problem by merely

typing that in search engine. Like enter in search “Windows 7 won’t open this type of file”, press Enter. Your screen will fill with many links that are offering help & advice.

3. Fast & Efficient

Windows 7 is Fast and Efficient

Windows 7 is a very efficient Operating System. This means it uses relatively less memory & Processing Power, leaving plenty for your other programs. This is a stark contrast with windows Vista, which was a real pack of stones on your PC’s back. We can see how much of our PC’s potential power is being used by pressing [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Esc] together. You will then be presented with a series of graphs. The upper one is show how hard your PC’s processor is working, while the lower collection of readouts shows how much of its memory is being used.

4. Safe & Secure

When it comes to viruses and malware, Windows 7 is far more secure than Windows XP. If you’re using XP and an outdated version of internet Explorer, You’re an easy target for criminals online because older versions of IE contain security holes that have been fixed in later editions. Things will get a lot worse for Windows XP users on 8 April 2014. That’s the day Microsoft finally retire XP and stop Producing updates for it, including patches for security weaknesses. This is great news for Criminals, because any new windows XP bugs they find and exploit won’t be plugged by Microsoft.

5. Searches Made Simple

We love windows 7’s desktop search system. If you know you’ve written a Word document about a certain topic, but can’t for the life of you remember where you put it, windows will help you to find it in moments. Click ‘Start’, and then enter a word or short phrase from the missing document into the search box. The more specific you can be, the fewer search results you’ll have to sort through in the end. You can even narrow the results by date or file type. The Windows 7 search system knocks the Windows XP into a cocked hat, because the newer OS is so much faster & more precise.

Now its your turn to tell why Windows 7 is best or what things that you like in windows 7.

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