Strange Reasons Why People Quit Blogging All Of A Sudden


For people, blogging has never been so easy. Earlier it used to be different when they had to be half bloggers and half coders. Or worse, bloggers in the early morning while coders at night. But now with better CMS like WordPress and Joomla, you can start your own blog with less or no technical knowledge. Yet midway bloggers quit after four to five months of blogging. What is the reason behind newbies giving up blogging? Is it because of writer’s blockage or lack of interest or any other reason?

Why People Quit Blogging Early?

And it’ not just the new bloggers who quit blogging, even established blog owners give up. Is it not strange? Don’t you want to know why people quit blogging so early while others go on to become successful professional bloggers? This blog post makes an attempt to find reasons why people quit blogging and how you can avoid these pitfalls.

Reason #1 : Obsession with Quick Results

First things first. Remember, blogging is and never will be an alternative for quick results. And by result I refer to all, visitors, page views, money, ranking, blog comments and even social network progress. You have to worthy of a Facebook like or a Twitter follower. You can only be worthy of those through your blog content, which takes time to be noticed. And if you can sort out that, then be assured that rest others will follow. I fear if there is any other shortcut.

Reason #2 : Failing to Know the Tricks of Game

This is an important reason why people quit blogging. Whether you are blogging for money or for fame or as a hobby, everybody wants to be seen. But to make blog posts noticed is more of a trick than coincidence. You need to learn some basic SEO techniques and keep your visitors engaged for a longer period.

Reason #3 : Blinded by Success of Competitors

Blinded by Success of Competitors

Another reason why people quit blogging is because they don’t see the desired results which a contemporary blog gets. They fail to understand how some guy manages a better Page Rank, improved Alexa ranking and more visitors. There are many reasons why your competitor scores over you. Its true both of you started blogging at the same time but maybe,

  • Their social presence has already made them a recognized niche blogger.
  • It’s not the only blog of the guy in question. May be he/she is reaping the benefits of multiple blogs.
  • Or, maybe he/she is giving more effort than you. As simple as that.

So never get blinded by the success of someone else. Always compete with yourself and improve your blogging productivity each time. That’s the best way for self motivation.

Reason #4 : Procrastination Kills Your Passion

About half of the bloggers quit because of procrastination alone. It is a major road block for many new bloggers. But sadly this culprit is more of a personal choice of the blogger. So to bring on the initial zeal for blogging will require more efforts from the individual. But you can avoid this by never letting complacency sip in. Always practice good blogging habits. Find ways to remain interested in blogging. Take part in blogging contests, write guest posts and get along with fellow bloggers.

Reason #5 : Over stressed – Is it My Fault?

Some people have a 9 to 7 job and still maintain a blog. Health issues in bloggers may be another reason why they quit blogging. In most of the cases, it’s because of overstress. But there are means to tackle it with proper blogging time management. Learn the art of multi-tasking and writing blog posts faster. Otherwise it may be impossible for you to maintain a blog for a longer period.

Closing Note on Why Bloggers Quit

I could select these main reasons why people quit blogging. Touch-wood I have been blogging for quite some time now and hopefully would blog ever and ever. I wish the same for you too. And if in case I left out a point or you know of bloggers who quit blogging due to some other reasons then do mention.

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