How To Protect Your Phone From Virus Attack


Technology is moving fast on day by day. With the moving technology virus attack to phone & its applications is a common thing. Previously, Windows platform attacked by virus but Now Android OS also be infected by Virus Sometimes.

Now Android OS is a popular OS used by most of the people in the world. So there is more virus for Android too & also there is more chances for your Android OS phone to get infected by virus. To protect your Android or any other OS phone from virus attack keep attention to the following points.

These points will help you to prevent phone virus related activities . It will also protect your phone from being hacked by someone.

Always remember these to Protect Your Phone from Virus Attack

  • Every time when you are going to open an email attachment in your mobile phone, check that from where it’s arrived. If it is from an unknown sender, don’t open it. May be it contains a virus that steal your phone information and send the information to the virus sender. Also don’t open suspicious link that you find in your email.
  • Before connecting your mobile to PC check the antivirus status of your PC. Is the antivirus is running or not? If it is not running Run it and scan your mobile before exchanging the data.
  • Download every phone application for your mobile from a registered application store. Like Android Market, Apple Store, Windows app store & Nokia Store. Because these stores check the applications before they are going to available for download. Do not install any third party application software directly to your Phone.
  • Switch off your phone Bluetooth when it is not in use or make it hidden.
  • Don’t connect your phone to public Wi-Fi devices for internet surfing. It may be steal your information over Wi-Fi.
  • Use a good antivirus for your Phone. Many companies launch their mobile version antivirus in the market.

These are some common things that Protect Your Phone from Virus Attack.

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