What Makes Writing Good Blog Content, Good For Your Websites?


The Internet is already flooded with information that a reader is looking for. So, just adding yet another one to the pile will do no good to them or to your blog. With over one billion blogs world over, how will you convince readers that your blog content is superior to the rest? That makes the need for writing good blog content quite obvious.

But sadly as you all must be aware of, only writing good blog content does not ensure increase in readership. It must be combined with fine content writing practices. Few other things like proper keyword placement, proofreading etc also need to be considered.

Writing great web content has been the dream of many bloggers and content writers. Discover all those tips for writing good blog content. Before that, let’s just clear some misconceptions about content writing.

Myths about writing good blog content

Myth 1: You need to be highly educated, for writing good blog content.

For being a successful content writer, one doesn’t need to have a degree. Great content writing is all about imagination and a basic understanding on the subject matter. If you can convince a 10 year old and a 30 year old at the same time, then you are certainly writing good blog content. Because the hardest part for a content writer or a blogger is reaching out to a wider mass.

Myth 2: Mastery over English makes blog content writing easy.

Great blog content writing is not about creating a wow effect among readers with rich English word usage. Stay away from jargons, unnecessary metaphors and rarely used words. Ofcourse, it’s a different case, if your blog aims at specific audience among the mass. But, again for wider reach, short, simple, error free, grammatically correct and well structured sentences is what is needed for writing good blog content.

Myth 3: Writing good blog content is easy and it comes effortlessly.

One of the biggest myths about writing good blog content is the misconception that, everyone can do it and at a stretch it gets completed. Writing original content for websites is a daunting task and is usually carried out in groups. A lot of research is what makes a great content great. Apart from bloggers, there are specific website content writers too and it’s a profitable job for creative writers.

Approach Towards Creating Great Content Online


1. Find a trending topic

How good the content may be, but writing for the sake of writing is of no value, like I had mentioned in the beginning. Practice writing good blog content for a topic which readers are searching.

2. Research, research and research

After short listing a topic to write about, do extensive research. Collect every data possible, read a lot and first develop a basic idea yourself. So that it would be easy for you to write about it in a simpler manner, for the readers.

3. Set keywords prior to writing

Just like the content, follow the same principles of searching and researching your keywords. Set aside the keywords for that post and list them down on a piece of paper. Instead of including all the keywords chose 2-3 keywords out of the list to focus upon.

4. Just write it down

Make an initial draft of the topic. Have your natural flow and write it down without any constraints. Here you don’t have to think about word limit or SEO keywords or structuring. Stay away from distractions and choose a proper schedule to write. It’s better to draft the content in small chunks than writing at one go.

Techniques for writing good blog content

1. Edit content

When the initial draft is ready, the next thing you have to do is try to keep it as short and clear as possible. Reduce lines implying the same meaning and replace phrases with a proper word. Here you also need to make your content easily scan-able with proper structuring and listing points.

2. Implement keywords

Include your primary and secondary keywords in your content uniformly. Place correct seo keywords in such a way that, it doesn’t change the meaning of the content and is human-readable. Make full utilization of keyword density. 2% keywords in the content is fine from SEO point of view.

3. Proofread

The secret to writing good blog content is proof-reading. Without proper proof-reading, never publish a post. Apart from readers, even Google prefers grammatically correct posts. Sometimes you can afford to ignore this inorder to smartly include keywords in the content, just like I did in what is permalinks. But again, don’t overdo it.

After checking, cross-checking and re-checking all the above points for writing good blog content, the next step is to finalize the draft. When to finalize and how to finalize are major decisions for bloggers and content writers. And this is what makes great blog content truly great.

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