A myLAB Box Mail Order STD Test Kit For Home – How To Buy & Avoid Doctors


Are you ashamed of facing a doctor to discuss Sexually transmitted diseases symptoms you feel? And do the symptoms seem so severe you need to get tested? Well then, there’s a way you can check yourself successfully without going to the hospital or facing the doctor.

myLAB box Mail Order STD Test For Home is the way to avoid doctors. All it requires is for you to order online, conduct the test at home, or anywhere and anytime you wish to. The test takes just five minutes. Within one to five days, your result is ready. The results you will get are lab-certified and secure.

When the results are out, you are entitled to free consultation through phone, if you are tested positive. You do not have to meet the physician physically; you can avoid doctors and still care for your disease. Be sure to buy or review a mail order STD test kit that will work best for you.

Total peace of mind is what myLAB box has for you. Your laboratory is now made simple into a box. This service has come to ease and make lab testing more convenient like you have never experienced.

This boxed lab is the only of its kind, that is; a home testing, diagnostic results plus consultation and treatment offering service. The discussions and treatments occur through telemedicine.

Another pro is that your results are secure and of universal standard. MyLAB box only works with health experts and the best laboratories and health experts; hence, their services are as accurate as it will be when you go the physical way to a doctor/clinic. Also, CLIA approves and certifies these laboratories that are put to use. Your data are also safe and well secured by HIPAA web security protocols.

Here’s how it works

Once you place your order through their website at www.mylabbox.com, you will have your STD screening kits delivered to your doorstep. Not to worry, the packaging is very discreet, and the packages are of high quality.

After receipt, you can conduct the tests on your own in five minutes. All you have to do is use your kit and collect a little of your blood, urine or swab, (depending on the test type). You will also find a self-addressed envelope in the kit where you should prick the sample you collected. Then, mail it back to myLAB box.

After that, your results will be sent electronically to you within one to five days. Simple, isn’t it?


Nothing more could bring peace to you when you get to do things with ease and at your convenience, and that is what myLAB box offers you. The most amazing part of it all is that it is very affordable. So, this is an excellent offer I believe.

MyLAB box is trustworthy and accurate. All the fifty states in the United States of America certify their CLIA High Complexity lab affiliates.

You should consider trying this out soon. Did you know that one in three people have STI while eighty percent of them have no symptoms?. Thus, there is nothing to wait for, not even a sign because there might be none.

A myLAB Box Mail Order STD Test Kit For Home – How To Buy & Avoid Doctors
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