My Wish List for Breakthrough Computer Features


Computers have been around for many years and it seems the advancement of features is moving at snail-paced speed. It would be better if the computers of today have more user friendly features like the following:

Be able to start in an instant

The time it takes to open or start the computer is sometimes annoying to say the least. The problem is more pronounced if your PC storage has reach its maximum capacity as it becomes even a lot slower. It would be better if computers can be started faster just like how we start a car or a TV. Developers must be able to produce a technology that when the button is pushed and the power reaches the system it will automatically turn on and display the graphics.

Delete anything in an instant

It would also be ideal if the computer would later on have the feature of being able to delete anything at the click of a mouse or any button in the keyboard. The usual method of going to the control panel to delete unwanted programs is already an old system and must be improved.

Complete freedom from viruses


Virus, malware, spyware, and all other harmful elements must be totally unable to enter the system. There must be a system that can be designed to make this happen. Computers must be designed in such a way that the system is naturally protected from attacks coming from the outside. A totally virus free computer system is not difficult since Apple computers have it already before.

Full voice command feature

This may be a form of fad but it would be nice to use a computer that would perform tasks using voice commands. A fully conversational intelligent system would be nice. I would like to think of ordinary computers to have this feature in the near future. It must be able to type based on dictation, implement commands given to it and many other intelligent features.

Personal access using fingerprint


Since computers are being used by different persons especially in the family, there must be developed a system where the fingerprint can be used to access the computer. With this feature, the user is protected from anyone wanting to access his files. It must also be used in protecting the history of the person especially when it comes to surfing the net.

Monitor less computers, anyone

Today’s desktop computer needs many things to work like a monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, and other things that clutter the desk. It is also common to see lots of connecting cables that look messy. What if the computer only has a foldable keyboard and it has a button that will turn on a screen in the form of a hologram? Neat! You only have to plug the keyboard in an electrical source and when it is turned on, the hologram screen will show in an instant. When it’s time to turn off, you just push a button and it automatically shuts down without making you wait. The foldable keyboard that can come in plastic or rubber should have the built-in CPU and be able to project a hologram. Now this is awesome!

These are just some of the breakthrough computer features that I would like to see from future computer models. Some movies have shown this already as possible and some of the technologies are already being used but not present for consumers still. It may take a while but I hope developers can make it happen pronto.

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