My Infolinks Experience: Birth Pains and A Green Future Ahead


It was not until about ten months of my website that I decided to apply for infolinks publisher account. The delay was caused first and foremost by my being unaware of this advertising platform.

Back then I only knew Google Adsense as the only platform needed for me to monetize my website. But when I was denied several times by Adsense, I decided to look for other means to make money from my site. It was then that I chanced upon Infolinks and other website monetization platforms.

Infolinks Is Easy To Join

I found out that unlike other advertising platforms, it is much easier to apply and get approved by infolinks. They are not choosy and the approval is quite fast even though I have a relatively small website traffic. There are no messy and time consuming codes that I had to install in my website to get the text ads up and running. All I needed was to choose from the several options offered such as In Text, In Search, In Tag, and In Frame and the system took care of the rest. After just a while, I saw many of the words in my posts were already highlighted and ready to make money.

My Infolinks Birth Pains

Just like other new website owners, I started with my Infolinks income really slow. As of this writing, my account is only three months old having started with the In Text ads April 1, 2013. To give you an idea of how much I earned from the time I started up to this writing I have the following figures to share:

  • April 2013 = $2.88
  • May 2013 = $5.57
  • June 1-12, 2013 = $3.96

I know these figures are very low and still far from what you can say as an ideal income from a website. I am still deep in the woods so to speak when it comes to Infolinks but what I would like you to look at is the increase in earnings on a month to month basis. Based on my income trend, there is an almost 100% increase in earnings when you compare the first two months. The initial figures for the first half of the third month also looks promising and may register another close to 100% increase from the second month. If the trend continues, I might see a $10 income for the third month which is percentage wise, already considered a big leap.

What I Am Doing To Improve My Infolinks Experience


I just love to write and share the things I know in my website. I am not into creating a lot of backlinks or other technical SEO marketing strategies. I only know basic SEO so what I do is to always publish fresh content in my site. But I learned also that there are keywords favored by Infolinks and so the rate per click is higher for those keywords. I tried to write posts covering some of those high paying keywords and this I think helped in increasing my income starting on the second month. It also helped a lot that I used social media sites to get more traffic.

A Green Future Ahead For My Infolinks Experience

I know that I still have a long way to go when it comes to making enough money from Infolinks. I am not really in a hurry and will just do what I do best and that is to continuously write and publish new and fresh content for my website. Based on my initial infolinks experience, it would seem that I am on the right track and can expect to see more earnings in the months to come.

Even though I have other income sources to make money online such as an affiliate program in my website, I consider Infolinks as a steady source of income for my site. This is because I don’t really have to sell products to earn from it. All I have to do is to write articles that interest me, incorporate the necessary keywords, and the infolinks system will take care of the rest for me. This is an ideal set-up that any website owner like myself can find very convenient and at the same the promising.

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