How to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank Of Websites Fast – 5 Tips


There are different ways of ranking websites. But most, if not all webmasters give importance on Alexa ranking and Page Rank. While Alexa ranking takes into account the amount of traffic to the blog or website, PR considers the site’s authority.

We had already covered the ways to improve Page rank, this blog post will focus on how to increase Alexa traffic rank of websites.

But before you take steps to increase Alexa traffic rank, you need to know how Alexa works. It will be helpful to increase Alexa traffic rank of your website.

How Alexa Ranking Works?

Sadly, Alexa doesn’t have a logical and transparent way of measuring website’s rank. It only records traffic through its own systems. It may be either through their custom Alexa widgets or toolbars. Although considered to be unfair by many bloggers and website owners, yet currently it is the only best way to predict the estimated traffic to a site.

Tips To Increase Alexa Traffic Rank


Whether the methods adopted for ranking websites is justified or not, Alexa ranking still serves a key factor for both webmasters and advertisers. So the need to increase Alexa traffic rank becomes that much important. Follow the tips to improve your website’s Alexa ranking fast.

1. Make your website Alexa Ready

The first and foremost way to increase Alexa rank significantly is to make the website Alexa ready. By this I mean, you need to:

  • Claim your website at
  • Install Alexa toolbar in your browsers
  • Embed Alexa widget in your website
  • Ask visitors to review your website
  • Write a review for Alexa

As I have mentioned above, these steps may not appear convincing at first but with time will surely increase your website’s Alexa rank. So don’t miss out those.

2. Good Content Writing

Writing quality posts is always important from traffic point of view. Readers are always looking for fresh and relevant content for their search queries. So good content writing is a sure short way of increasing Alexa ranking.

3. Update Website Frequently

Apart from writing useful and informative posts, it is important to carry on that good work. Alexa and Google love websites that are regularly updated. So try maintaining a healthy post frequency for your blog or website.

4. Promote Your Website

Website promotion on social networking sites is another best way to get traffic to a new site. Implementing good promotion strategies like guest posting, blog commenting and forum posting are necessary to increase Alexa traffic rank fast. Even offline promotion techniques increases traffic. A fair bit of SEO is also necessary to get posts noticed and drive traffic.

5. Alexa Rank Increase Services

If you are willing to spend a few bucks to increase Alexa traffic rank, then you can avail some paid services. Some popular Alexa rank increase services are Up My Rank, Improve Alexa Ranking, Your Alexa Ranking. These services can offer you means to increase your website’s Alexa rank fast and effectively.

These are the best ways of increasing website’s Alexa ranking fast. Have a different tip to increase Alexa traffic rank? Don’t forget to mention in the comment section.

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