How To Save On Gasoline Expenses


There seems to be no stopping the rise of fuel prices so more and more vehicle owners are thinking of ways on how to save on gasoline expenses. Here are some of the proven ways to save on your gas consumption.

Improve on your driving manners

  • When you suddenly accelerate the car, it consumes more gas. This is also true when you suddenly hit the brakes.
  • When the road is downhill, there is no need to accelerate the speed as the car will naturally roll down.
  • Avoid using the first and second gears for too long. Shift to the third and fifth gear as early as possible. The more that the engine is revved while using the first and second gears, the more it consumes gas.
  • Be rpm conscious. Always look at your rpm. The higher the rpm, the more your car consumes gasoline.

Do not overload

Check your trunk and remove anything useless that adds to the load of your car.

Make sure tires have the right psi

If your tire is under-inflated, the engine will need more power to make it roll and therefore will consume more gas. Check the recommended psi for your tires and follow them.

Use the prescribed tire size

There is a fashion for big or wide tires but did you know that the size of tour tires can also affect your gasoline consumption? To make sure that you stay on the economical side, make sure you have only the prescribed tire size for your car.

Use car air-conditioning wisely

Air-conditioning is essential. Without an air-con your car is hotter inside than the outside during summer and full of moist when it is raining. But using the air-conditioning also adds to your fuel consumption. Just make sure you don’t open the windows too often when the air-con is turned on. The longer that the compressor is forced to work, the more your engine is forced to work.

Do not rev the engine too often

Some people have the habit of revving the engine while in traffic or just before they turn the engine off. There is actually no need for this. Revving the engine consume gas and over the long term can cause you a lot of money.

Make sure the idler is working properly

When your car idler is not working properly, the tendency is for you to adjust the idler to higher rpm. This consumes more gasoline than it should be.

Commute for a change

When you know that it is traffic day, you can perhaps consider taking a bus or the train for a change. The money you save from the gas consumed while stuck in traffic could be enough for your next snack.

Avoid traffic jams

If you have the option, it is better to take a long route to your destination than be stuck in traffic for hours.

Buy a fuel efficient car

This is the last option but actually the most effective means to save on gas consumption. Sell your gas guzzling V8 engine car and settle for an ordinary sedan that can cut the engine consumption by half.

There is also the option of car pooling. You can do this if it is possible but normally the enthusiasm about this idea dies down soon enough and people are back to the usual drive your own car habit. Follow these advice and you can be sure to cut on your gas expenses.

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