How To Be A Successful Professional Blogger? 8 Easy Tips [OFFICIAL]


How often have you come across the term “Professional blogging” and “Professional Bloggers”? I am sure if you are maintaining a blog, you must have considered making blogging as your profession at some point or the other. If such thought had crossed your mind, then it’s good. There is nothing wrong in being a professional blogger.

Earlier bloggers used to blog out of passion and habit. And it still continues to be the same for few. Now there are a huge number of bloggers who desire to be a professional blogger. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that professional bloggers are not passionate about what they are sharing.

Along with added responsibilities, being a professional blogger has many benefits. These advantages combined with the success stories of many professional bloggers have forced budding bloggers to make blogging as their career.

Benefits of being a Professional Blogger

  • Exposure – People worldover get to recognize you and your blog. Best way to brand yourself.
  • Contribute – Gives you an option to share good resources and make the web a better place.
  • Learn – You get to learn new and interesting stuff, interact with people and remain updated.
  • Income – You can also make money blogging through affiliate marketing and other ways.

Tips to Become a Professional Blogger


Do you want to be a professional blogger too? Of course, who doesn’t But here is a word of caution. Like any important decision, you have to decide the right time to make the call. Otherwise you too may end up becoming a professional blogger, but with no or little success.

So to make things easy and smooth, I have listed the best ways to become a successful professional blogger and make money from home.

1. Practice Good Blogging Habits

Before you consider blogging as your career, ensure that you possess all the necessary blogging habits for being a successful blogger. You must also get rid of bad blogging habits that may be affecting your blogging productivity.

2. Be Different, Be Unique

With many options to make money by blogging, you won’t be the only one out there. So to successfully compete with other professional bloggers, you must have your own unique style of writing blog posts and interactions with visitors.

3. Maintain a Niche Specific

It’s fine if you are blogging out of passion and have a multi-niche blog. But if you want to be a successful professional blogger then you should have a niche specific blog and not a generalized blog. Otherwise you may lose your authority among readers.

4. Keep Yourself Updated

Being a professional blogger you have added burden to write fresh blog posts fast. There is more expectation from your readers. So subscribe and read other blogs. Check magazines, news, online forums to get latest information to write about.

5. Keep Your Blog Updated

Never forget to update your blog regularly with good blog posts. It is a strict no-no for professional bloggers. If you don’t update it atleast 2-3 times a week then the readers may doubt your seriousness towards your blogging and profession.

6. Read Success Stories

The best way to be a successful professional blogger is to read success stories of established professional bloggers. You not only get inspiration from them but can visualize what all they did to be successful. If you are a beginner, personally I recommend success stories of ShoutMeLoud, Labnol, AllBloggingTips.

7. Develop a Good Temperament

Yes, having a good temperament is also necessary. It takes time to be a successful professional blogger. So you should always have a positive frame of mind. Never indulge in illegal blogging practices.

8. Have a Plan B

Always have an alternative source of income. What if midway this fails? There will be a time when you won’t get to see desired results. It’s better not to rely too much on one blog alone. So think of more ways of making money online or offline.

Being a professional blogger is a tough job and highly competitive. But so is any other profession. But I hope with these easy to follow tips, you can become successful in blogging profession. Professional bloggers can share left out tips in the comment section.

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