How To Hack Facebook And Email In Reality


Today’s post mainly aims for those peoples who want to learn hacking but don’t know actually what is it means & also for the people who have no interest in learning hacking but they need someone’s mail or social media Account passwords at any cost.

I want to clarify the misconceptions regarding Social Networking Sites hack Facebook/Email Hacking etc. Hacking is a wrong concept you can’t hack anyone by merely some clicks and password of that person may be in front of you. Following I am going to reveal the realities behind such software and tricks.

Hack Facebook & Email In Reality:-

Firstly, I want to tell you one thing.

When you sign up for Account in Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo or any reputed website etc. Your password store only in the Website Database. If you want to fetch ID or Password, Then you have to access to the website Database that is almost impossible. Because these sites like (Facebook , Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other reputed sites) are paying millions of dollars for securing their systems or databases. Hack Facebook or an email account depends strongly on carelessness/foolishness of victim. There is no other method to hack Facebook & other Social Media or Mail account.

Some misconceptions Regarding ID or Password Hacking:-

Does any of the free/paid software/program/cracker/online tool exist to hack such accounts?

The answer is NO. There is no such software & online tool for Social Networking Sites hacking/Email Hacking etc. This kind of stuff is undoubtedly Scam. They only wants click on their site or your personal information & of course Money. Sometimes you find tutorials or videos that showing you that compose an email with your & victims information within 24 hours you will get the victim’s Password. But by trying this kind of stuff you will lose your accounts too. In that case you are giving your personal information to that person. So be careful.

Technically these are some ways by which anyone can get password or Id.

How to Hack Facebook and Email in Reality

Phishing This is the very common way of hacking someone by phishing. Hackers Create a fake login page. This fake login page looks exactly like real/genuine login page and they send this link to victim pc by some ways and get there all login details. But the difference is that the link address is not same. So next time you login to your account check the link once.

Keyloggers This is software that will install in victim’s PC. This will save all the information enter by keystrokes. But it needs physical access to the victim’s PC.

Always create strong password & recovery options. This will help you to keep safe from hacking your accounts. Read my previous post that will show you how to Create Strong Password by Clicking Here.

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