Get Traffic To A New Blog Easily In 5 Fast Ways


When each of us launched a new website, we did not intend to feed Google with our blog posts only. We wanted and still continue to get more traffic fast and reach out to the masses, inorder to share our knowledge and experience. Without drawing the attention of our readers, all our efforts seem to be a waste. So our first priority is to get traffic to a new blog. By that way only we can do justice to our blog posts. Having said that, the big question is how to get traffic to a new blog easily and quickly?

But before that, bloggers must be clear about how much traffic they need. Because setting precise and realistic goals is the first step to get traffic to a new blog on a regular basis. Everyone wants a lot of traffic from the very beginning, but you need to consider retaining that traffic too. Otherwise, it would serve no good to your blog.

How to get Traffic to a new blog fast like never before

To be frank, driving traffic to a new website is the toughest job for bloggers. And once you get traffic your new blog, you need to constantly follow the same practices inorder to maintain that traffic. So, let us now list down the ways on how to get traffic to a new blog.

1. Write Great Content – Do your homework first.

Write-Great-Content Do-your-homework-first.

Before you start driving traffic to your blog, you have to be positive of being successful in doing so. And when you do get traffic to your blog, you certainly don’t want to show your visitors less worthy content. So be prepared and impress them by writing good blog content.

2. Friendly blog design – Welcome your visitors.

Noone wants to land up in a poorly designed blog or website. It will definitely drive back visitors. Some may even mistake it to be a spam site and stop visiting your blog in the future. So it’s better to have a user friendly design with a proper layout, subtle color combinations, uniform content formatting, a prominent search box etc.

3. Guest post – Draw attention of Pro-bloggers.

Guest posting is the best way to get traffic to a new blog. It not only drives a healthy traffic to the blog but also draws the attention of pro-bloggers. That’s why it is best advised to write effective guest post on blogs in the same niche. You also get to learn many new things by guest posting on established blogs.

4. Blog commenting – Go where the traffic is.

This is another way to get traffic to a new blog. Unlike guest posting, it requires more effort to achieve the same results but nevertheless very effective. It is recommended to comment on niche blogs frequently, so that people get to know about your own blog. Do-follow blogs and free plugins like CommentLuv have made blog commenting even more fruitful by providing easy links.

5. Social Media – Get social & get traffic to blog.


The easiest and free way to drive traffic to your new blog fast is to get in contact with niche bloggers on social networks. These days every blog has its presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. So you can take advantage of it by having your own profiles and interacting with them. Getting healthy traffic from sites like Digg, Reddit, Pintrest, StumbleUpon and others, is also very much possible.

Getting traffic to a blog can be a nightmare for new bloggers. For this reason they try to compensate it with excessive SEO techniques. But, believe me if you follow these simple steps, then you do not have to worry about search engine optimization any further. I too am constantly looking out to draw more traffic, so if you come across any other ways to get traffic to a new blog, then do mention. I would be happy to know.

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