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YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and known as the popular video sharing platform in the world. This is a place where people can actually have full control over their videos; anyone can simply sign up and start uploading their videos. The amount of videos or content you will find on Youtube is just incredible. You will find thousands of videos on almost every topic on Youtube. It’s a great source of entertainment as well as for knowledge and information.

Probably, most of are die hard fans of youtube, one common error which everyone might have come across while watching videos on Youtube. Something like this ” This Video Is Not Available In Your Country” or sometimes you will face error like this ” The Uploader of this video has not made it available in your country” It’s a common error faced by many people. I have seen many people asking solutions for this error. Also, there are tons of guides available regarding this on the internet. But most of them are quite complicated or doesn’t work anymore. So we’ve decided to help out our readers who are facing “This Video Is Not Available In Your Country” error. Today, in this article, I’ll be showing you the ways to avoid this error and watch any video on Youtube.

Best Working Ways To This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Error

So, we’ve got multiple ways to bypass or avoid “This Video Is Not Available In Your Country” error on Youtube. This error pops up whenever you try to watch a video which isn’t available in your country. Such videos are called as Geo Targetted videos, where the uploader targets the audience of any specific country or countries. So, here is the first method which you can try to bypass or get rid of this common error.

Use ProxyMate Or Any Other Proxy Sites

The only way of detecting a user’s country is by his/her IP address. Youtube does the same to detect the location of any user, whenever you face any geo targetted errors, Proxies are a great option to get rid of them. Proxies, can actually hide your Ip or mask them with a different Ip. You can also hide your Identity on the Internet to avoid being tracked by companies or hackers. You can visit this Proxy Site to watch any videos on Youtube from anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is just, simply the copy the URL of the youtube video you wish to see, then head over to the proxy site, paste the URL in Link Box on the site and hit “Go.” The site will load the Url and will let you watch the video without any restrictions. By default, the server location is set to “US.” However, you can change it by tapping on it. If you are not able to watch a video from US server, then just change the location of the server and try again.

YouTube Fix

Download The Videos To Bypass Country Restrictions

If you’ve got an internet connectivity with a good amount of data, then you can try this method. This is the easiest way to bypass or avoid any country restrictions or limitations you face on Youtube. You can use the site Save From Net to download the videos from Youtube. Just simply copy the URL of the video you want to see, head over to the Save From Net site, and paste it in the URL Box.

Within a few seconds, you will get the resolution options to choose, just select any resolution and the downloading will be started automatically. You can download any video from Youtube and in multiple resolutions. In case, if you do not wish to download the video, then you just download the Audio track of the video in Mp3 format from Save From Net.

You can also try another website called Clip Converter in case if you are not able to download the videos through Save From net. You have to follow the same produce in order to download the videos from Clip Converter.


So, guys these were the working and easiest ways to get rid of This Video Is Not Available In Your Country error. You can try these methods to watch or download any videos from Youtube within seconds, Also the websites which i have mentioned in this article are absolutely free to use. Do, let us know if you’re facing any issues while downloading or watching the videos.

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