A Big No To Gym Workout – 7 Easy Tips For Permanent Fitness


Are you one of those yearning to achieve permanent fitness? Are you tired of gym workout? Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle isn’t a piece of cake. You have read a lot about ways to lose weight, got your goals written and diet planned ready. Above all, you have announced on Facebook about your weight loss challenges accepted and posed pictures while working out.

However, the journey of weight loss is a commitment and reaching your aim is not a smooth ride. You might have often cheated your schedule, consumed lots of carbs, or stayed awake all night which turns out your efforts to dust.

Check out 7 Simple Ways For Permanent Fitness

Follow water therapy

If you are not drinking sufficient water then it can lead to mental as well as physical exhaustion. A lot of research suggests that drinking more water all through the day can support you in losing weight. Several people often confuse thirst and hunger and ultimately eating more than they require to because they look for food instead of a glass of water. The CDC also advises carrying a water bottle with you for ready access to clean drinking water on the go. So, now choose water over other beverages, chiefly sugar-sweetened drinks as it will also help your body to stay hydrated, maintain your concentration, and put a stop to overeating.

Have eggs for breakfast

If you eat eggs it the best choice with loads of other benefits which can help you to lose weight. Studies have shown that eating eggs instead of grain-based breakfast can help you eat lesser calories for another 36 hours, and lose more weight and more body fat. If for some reasons you can’t eat eggs, then that’s alright. Any other source that is rich in protein for breakfast should achieve the desired results.

Do yoga

Practicing yoga or any other mind-body activities at least twice a week helps build bone mass, gives an energy boost, and removes stress. It also improves posture, mood, energy, flexibility, and reduces stress. Yogic breathing oxygenates the cells, detoxicate, help prevent illness, and make skin healthy. What is more, yoga poses purifies in and out of your body, which improves the digestive system, the reproductive system, and strengthens the immune system.

Drink red wine daily

They say that drinking two glasses of red wine before going to bed can help you lose weight. Fundamentally, red wine contains a polyphenol (a micronutrient) in it known as resveratrol. The Polyphenols in fruits contain resveratrol that increases DNA expression and oxidation of dietary fats and avoids overloading. They translate white fat into light brown fat that melts lipids off as heat – sustaining to keep the body in balance and stay away from obesity and other metabolic dysfunction.

Consume less carbs

A lot of us put in great efforts to control our diet, but one simple method to do so is to pay attention to what we eat. This means to concentrate on your diet around a group of foods, and only seldom cheat from your plan. Choose some foods, like fish, eggs, and vegetables, and plan a diet around them. These will be your nutritional staples, though you can add some assortment to the mix and become accustomed as time passes on. By focussing on your diet, you will be in good health and more informed about the caloric and dietary content you are in taking.

Engage in activities to relieve stress

You will have to find a way to detox or slough off some anxiety. A few like going for the shooting range or play soccer or basketball. Some even love getting into weight lifting or jogging or running to alleviate stress. Other amazing ways to relieve stress are meditation and yoga.

A big NO to sugar


Sugar is almost like poison for people who wish to achieve desired permanent fitness. Your best bet is to chuck off the habit now. Start consuming black coffee, tea without any sweeteners, and go for a fruit platter instead of having a scoop of ice cream or reaching for chocolates.

Sugar is addictive; but if you can cut the habit in your early years, you can control your craving eventually. And if you can keep yourself away from sugar intake and you will live a longer and a healthier life.

Do not compromise with your sleep

Do not do injustice with a good night’s rest. Sleep is when your body recuperates — whether it’s from stress, exercise, or something else altogether. Getting the right amount of sleep each night has benefits like increased productivity, improved ability in the gym, and higher levels of mental peace. In a nutshell, sleep is imperative.

Do your best to fix a good sleep schedule. You will preferably need around six and eight hours per night, which can be more tricky as family responsibilities build up, or if you are spending more time at school or work. However, get in the habit of giving priority to your sleep. You can also contribute to permanent fitness by following good sleep cycle.

Consume green tea

There is a lot of buzz about this brew which is gaining great traction. Green tea is known to reduce the risk of breast cancer and avoid remissions, and help in preventing colorectal, bladder, and lung cancer recurrence. It’s also an effective weight-management catalyst since it appears to boost metabolism. Some research indicates that green tea might also help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

The final say

Thus, instead of dieting, make it your target to become a happier, healthier, and fitter individual. Concentrate more on enriching your body, rather than depriving it. By following these tips achieving permanent fitness, and weight loss would become a natural side effect without much effort.

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