Earn Money Online Fake or True


Now the days every second internet user wants to Earn Money Online part-time or full time on Internet. But it’s not an easy task to Earn Money Online as it’s like to be. Earn Money Online is very typical task.

In today’s life you will see many sites that offering many types of online work. They all are not true. About more than 97% are fake. They just want traffic. And remaining sites that are legit but there terms & conditions are so difficult to follow. Internet marketing become popular now the days but Earn Money Online is too much typical But not impossible. Today I am going to discuss some of the ways to earn money online with their description.

Earn Money Online

There are many ways that sites are offered to you to earn money online. But we will tell the truth behind it. Please stay away from Get Rich Quick schemes.

  1. PPC- (Pay Per Click)– Now the days PPC market growing up with so many fake sites. Earn by this type of work is too much difficult. They paying scale of these sites are too much low like 0.001 $ per click for a advertisement about 5 seconds. You will not able to reach the minimum payout. Lots of refer other work is there. At last you feel Boar and quit it. This is not a good method of earning online & become rich. Get Paid to Watch Advertisement is also like PPC.
  2. Taking Survey- Taking survey online is also a very difficult task. The money they give per survey is too much low & you can never make more than 5 $ in the end of month.
  3. Reffering Jobs– Reffering other to join a site or program jobs are like MLM (Multi Level Marketing). When you start you will forcibly join some of your friends & colleagues. But what after all that you have no referrer to join again. So this type of job ends fastly and you will earn nothing.
  4. Copy Paste Job- These types of job you can do locally. Most of this type of job difficult to find online. Also they are asking for a entry fees to join it. You will find it difficult to earn by this program. A small mistake uncounted your whole entry. After doing this type of you will find the site you are working for is going to mark your Right entries to wrong. But it is a good job as compared to upper PPC, Taking Survey & Reffering.

If you really want to earn by online then make a website or blog. It is also not easy but it is real way to earn. It will not get you rich quickly. You have to work hard at least six months. You have to gain some good knowledge about Google adsense, SEO. You can also earn by YouTube. Upload your videos and share them, if your videos are awesome you will definitely earn good income. Here I shows only summary of these programs. You can find more details in upcoming posts. You will also receive many others good programs to earn online. Bookmark us or subscribe to our email.

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