How to Build Backlinks To Website Fast – 5 Best Ways


Building backlinks has never been considered so seriously before. Google has made it already clear that, the best way to increase Page Rank is through quality backlinks. This has forced bloggers to adopt different ways to build backlinks to their blog or website. But, in this mad rush for SEO link building, blog owners have overlooked the importance of quality backlinks building.

Common Mistakes in Backlinks building

Before I mention some best ways to build backlinks to your website, let us just have a look at how bloggers commit mistakes while building backlinks for their blogs. Try avoiding these wrong techniques to build backlinks to your website, at all cost.

  • Poor quality backlinks building approach
  • Adopting reciprocal link building methods
  • Paying to build backlinks to website fast
  • Making bulk backlinks purchase

All these above mentioned practices to build backlinks to a website are risky from optimization point of view. They might increase your website Page Rank fast, but the effects are not long lasting. Plus, for such link building ways, Google may even penalize your blog.

So it’s better to stay on the safer side and build backlinks gradually. Follow these free backlinks building techniques to build a healthy network of backlinks to your website.

1. Guest Posting for high PR backlinks

The best and effective way to build backlinks to your website is by guest blogging. You can easily get backlinks by guest blogging on high PR rank blog. Usually blog owners allow free backlinks to the guest blogger’s website, either in the content itself or in the author box. The number of backlinks depends on the guest post guidelines set by the blog owner.

2. Get backlinks fast by blog commenting

If effective guest blogging was the most effective method for backlinks building, then blog commenting is the easiest way. Make a list of a number of niche blogs with do-follow links. Comment frequently on such blogs often inorder to increase backlinks to the website.

3. Article submission to increase backlinks

What if you don’t feel like guest posting for another blog or your guest post doesn’t get approved? In such cases, you may consider submitting quality articles to article directory sites. There are a number of good article submission sites with high PR rank like Ezinearticles, Blog Lines and Web 2.0 sites like Hub Pages, Squidoo etc. After reviewing, if the article gets approved then you can get free backlinks easily.

4. Backlinks building through research

This is a very crucial part of building backlinks on a long term basis. Analyze from who and which domain links to you. Are the links because of guest posts or comments or from fellow bloggers? Find ways on how to continue getting backlinks from those sites. Also do some research from where your competitor’s backlinks, are coming from. That too would give you a better idea to check and build backlinks more effectively.

5. Social bookmarking to build backlinks

Social bookmarking too plays an important role in backlinks building. Sharing pages, posts on social media networks provide free backlinks to the website easily. For this purpose only sites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and others have gained importance. So it is advisable to bookmark on such sites rather than madly going after a number of link submission sites, some of which may even be spam sites.

Building Backlinks for your website – Overview

As I have mentioned earlier, these are some of the best ways to build backlinks. There are a still more methods to increase backlinks. If you can limit the number of paid backlinks by stressing more on quality than quantity, then it can also be beneficial for your blog.

Successful SEO link building depends on which methods you want to adopt inorder to build backlinks. Link building takes time, so be patient. Initially focus on a few methods only and see if they are effective for your blog or not. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed and commit those backlinks building mistakes. So, which method are you comfortable with to build backlinks to your website?

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