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It is the focus of many new bloggers to make money out of their site so looking for blogging tips that can help make money whether on the side or as a primary consideration is normal. Here are some tips that can help you make money online from your blog.

Offer products

Offering products on your website is one of the ways to make money from blogging. It could be you products or those coming from suppliers. This is part of entrepreneurship in blogging and lots of bloggers make money out of this approach.

Join affiliate programs and other ad platforms

Inserting ads coming from ad platforms is also another way of making money from a blog. the following are some of the top sources of income for your site.

#1 Adsense

Ad sense is hosted by Google and it is by far the most popular. You can create an ad sense account and submit your website for approval. Applying and getting approved are two different things though since Google is very picky when it comes to approving sites for ad sense.

#2 Chitika


Chitika is an ads platform that is complimenting Google so it can be inserted even when you already have ad sense ads in your website. Getting approved with Chitika is much easier as they do not have meticulous requirements.

#3 Infolinks


Infolinks is an ad platform that can also help you earn some money from your blog. It is a text-based ad platform that can earn you a good amount if you have a high traffic website.

#4 Amazon

Amazon Associates

With Amazon affiliate, you just insert the ad code in the right places and you can already post ad images on your website posts. The commission is from 5 to 10% based on actual sales. You cannot earn from Amazon unless a sale is made. Amazon is the leading affiliate company because of its huge share of online sales

#5 Clickbank


Clickbank is also a popular affiliate link that many website owner use to earn some money online. It is unique in the sense that you have to insert the link in your posts that will take the customer to another site. Your posts must be related to or talking about the products that you will be linking to.

Focus on traffic generation

While you can be approved by many ad platforms and most of them can be used in your website to generate income, bear in mind that they are all useless if there is no traffic to your site. In the case of Amazon, even if you’re receiving millions of traffic on a monthly basis, if nobody actually buys a product coming from your link, then you will not earn anything. But if the ad is based on clicks, you have a good chance to earn money from your blog posts.

One thing that you have to also remember is that you cannot expect to make a lot of money from blogging especially if your website is new. Right now it takes a lot of hard work and even money to drive traffic to a website. Some blogging tips tell you that it is easy to make money. This is far from the truth nowadays. It may be true several years ago when blogging is still a new concept. But now that there are millions of bloggers worldwide speaking about the same topic and niche, making money is already very difficult. So do not expect much money from blogging right from the start.

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