How To Block Websites In Windows 7


Today we will discuss about how to block websites in windows 7 , Vista or Xp .Post is all about How to Block websites in all browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

In our offices or in our home we always want to block some sites or want to open some of the blocked websites. In this tutorial You will learn How to block websites in windows using host file without any third party software.

Follows these simple steps you will able block websites:-

  • First Run notepad as an Administrator
  • Go to file Option and click open
  • Then go to path
  • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (where c is your windows installation drive)
  • Select hosts file and open it
  • Here you will find the following one
  • Go to File >> Open
  • Enter & the website name which you want to block.
  • Now save & Close the notepad file .

All done.

  • Now Open Any web Browser
  • Enter the name of the block website. You will find website is not opening.
  • If you want to block more websites of your computer add them to this list you can add like this.
  • 1st website.
  • 2nd website & so on.

*Windows XP & Vista have the same Procedure.

You will also find the host file by Going to:

My Computer >>c: drive >>Then windows >>then find System32 Folder>>Drivers folder >>Then etc

you will find the hosts file. Open the host file with Notepad.

If your sites are block you will Check this file in your computer and remove the site from the list. your site will be unblocked.

For more details comment below:

Note: Do not Delete the Hosts file as It may Damage your Windows Configuration or Your internet may not be work Properly.

Note:-This Tutorial is for education Purpose Only.

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