Top 10 Online Games Of All Time


Hello gamers, this time, I’m gonna give you a great gaming experience that will blow your keyboard and mouse off. Don’t worry, it’s just an irony.

Think of games which just requires little bit of ram and negligible memory of graphic card and connects you to the entire world of gamers. Sounds good huh… I am talking about online games, they are not something different, they are just like other video games capable of being played online using internet. The design of online games can range from simple text-based environments to the incorporation of complex graphics and virtual worlds.

Everyone loves the game which is played as competition whether it is shooting, racing or strategic. And the multiplayer offering games are the most addicting one, I think.

So, now I’ll be giving you the list of Top 10 online games whose ranking is based on my experience.

This will take you up to the full throttle. RELOAD, ACCELERATE, BOOST. GO!

Top 10 Online Games Of All Time List

10. COPTER [Play]

I have put it on my list as it is just a simple flash game and I played it almost for three hours when this game came to my knowledge. This game has a helicopter which is controlled by mouse to overcome the maze obstacles. As you go forward in this silly game, your points boost up. This game do not require any gaming skills. Copter’s graphics are very simple, one might say primitive. It’s not a fancy game, but rest assured that it is very enjoyable and you become addicted to this game playing it over and over for hours. It’s a 2D game in which you can navigate up and down only.

Controls: Copter is played using just one button, the left button of your mouse. To get the copter up you need to hold the mouse button, to get the copter down you have to release the button.

Note: By default the copter will just fall and crash if you don’t touch anything, so basically during the game you have the press and release the button the way that fits the runway.

9. TAXI GONE WILD – [Play]

It’s an another good flash game with simple controls. This game has a taxi which is controlled by keyboard to overcome the upcoming taxis. It is something higher than copter as it has somewhat greater controls and navigation. It is also a 2D game. A good time-buster and very cool game. It sets in the desert scenario with a multi-lane road. Betting with your friends who scores higher is the real pleasure of this game.

Controls: Up/Down = Accelerate/Brake; Left/Right = Change Lanes; Space = Jump

Note: Drive as fast as possible. Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up and down keys to control the speed and the spacebar to jump over the upcoming rival taxis.

8. 8 BALL POOL – [Play]

It is a multiplayer game. I love this game personally as you cannot take your bums away while playing this game. This game has a stick and striker ball which is pointed to shoot balls in the hole of the pool table. 8 Ball Pool’s level system means you’re always facing a challenge. Play matches to increase your ranking and get access to more exclusive match locations. In this cool game by Miniclip company you can play Pool with players from around the world. Just one click and the game will find a partner for you to play with.

Controls: Left mouse button = shoot/power

Note: Click the stick from left mouse button and drag it to point it towards the striker ball and make an angle and power to shoot the balls in the holes of the pool table. Make sure you don’t touch the opponent’s balls, it would be a foul.

7. SEWER RUN – [Play]

It was the first 3D game I ever played and became one of my favorite games2win’s a shockwave skating game which means it runs through shockwave player plugin. This game has skateboard which can be controlled by keyboard to show tricks, perform stunts and wins the race. Hurtle down the sewer at high speeds pulling tricks as you strive to win. color your skates, choose your location, bet with the players to get prizes and many more things. You will surely love this game. Tricks and stunts are pretty cool to attempt while you’re in air. Nice one, must play.

Controls: Arrow keys = Steer; Arrow keys + Z = Grabs in the Air; Arrow keys + X = Tricks in the air; SPACEBAR = Use a weapon

Note: use arrow keys to navigate and also use combination with ‘X’ and ‘Z’ button to show tricks and grab powerups in the air, also use spacebar to use weapon which can be used against rivals. Google has removed Adobe Shockwave Player support from the latest version of Google Chrome browser. To continue enjoying your favorite Adobe Shockwave games please consider using a different browser.


I have been playing this game since i was a kind and still playing. That’s why I put this to number 6. This game has two racers one of which is computer and the second one is player. One kid, one Pope, one race in the Popebox racer. Use power-ups to overhaul his Holiness and await the verdict of St. Peter at the finish line. Drive as fast as you can to the finish line avoiding all the pits and pots. Play poper games with friends and family and have fun.

Controls: UP key = Jump; DOWN key or SPACEBAR = Use power-ups; LEFT key = Brake; RIGHT key = Gas

Note: Use arrow keys for controlling speed and power-ups. Use UP arrow key to overcome holes and RIGHT arrow key to move forward for the gas to refuel the cart. Use power-ups to decrease the health of pope and win the race easily.


One of the most fanatic online game which I recommend for all. This a funny version of cricket which gives you laughter in every 5 minutes of playing. This game has a scenario of gully (street) on which a group of kids play unique kinda cricket. Their facial expressions are the funniest. They indulge in fightings during playing or after reaching the target. A great mind behind this game. Love it, no matter what. Make the gully your playground! Cricket with a little twist & a lot of fun.

Controls: Mouse = Position; LEFT mouse button = Hit; SPACEBAR = Fight

Note: Use your mouse to position your player and the bat. Left click to hit the ball. Hit three 4’s in a row to become a ‘ SUPER HITTER’. Keep tapping Spacebar’ when you get into a fight to beat the opponents.


It is a game of mechanics and also some use of physics can be seen in this game. This game has a vehicle which is designed by you to win the race and be the maker of your own dream car. Tinker with this wobbly car and get ready for action! Put the long spring thingy here, the wheel there, and put that somewhere too, then get on the road. Collect coins along your way to trick out your ride, man! Customize your dreams here. A fame which gives you a platform for your own creativeness.

Controls: UP or X = Accelerate; DOWN or Z = Break; LEFT or RIGHT key = Mid-Air control; SPACEBAR = Boost

Note: Taking a glimpse and having prepared by adjusting all parts of your dream car. Start the race and accelerate from ‘X’ key to the full limit. Make sure to apply break using ‘Z’ key when going down the hill, boost for climbing uphills using spacebar and use left and right keys to control your dream car in the mid-air, so that it doesn’t crash.


Completely terrifying game. It is also the most played games by me. No great graphics, just simple 2D game with intense concepts of shooting. This game have pods which is artillery and for winning you gotta destroy opponent’s pods. Scorched Pods is a turn based artillery game, combining elements of strategy, action and arcade style play in a fun single or multiplayer. This game has two mode which is ARCADE mode and MISSION MODE which is a symbol of good online game having vast criteria of playing. A full action and fun packed game.

Controls: LEFT Mouse button = Shoot; Mouse = Aim

Note: The entire game can be controlled with the mouse. There is an in-game tutorial that will help get you started. You can play against human opponent or the computer.

2. TINY TANKS – [Play]

Truly one of the most addictive games with great concepts. Tiny Tanks is a multiplayer game, for up to eight players at once. Fight in arenas made of pencils and pens, and destroy your opponents before they kill you! Battle your friends or anyone from anywhere in the world in last man standing or team based matches. Tiny Tanks is a game of strategy as well as raw skill, make clever shots by bouncing your bullets off objects to hit your enemies from behind cover. kill opponents and win stages go upper levels and earn coins to buy upgraded tank parts. Create your own unique tank from the parts you have unlocked and give yourself an edge over your friends.

Controls: UP or W = Forward; LEFT or A key = Left spin; RIGHT or D key = Right spin; CTRL or SPACEBAR = Shoot

Note: Press Up arrow key to move forward, press left and right arrow key to spin left and right and use spacebar to shoot or fire your gun to destroy enemies or opponents tanks. Try time trial to check your progress or be aggressive.


Entitled as the ‘GAME OF THE YEAR‘ and also the coolest and smartest game I have ever played. Totally killer game, a well designed and hard to believe stuff.

Keep the undead out of your yard in this fast-paced zombie-zapper. Hungry zombies want to invade your home and eat your brains, but you can fend them off with a strategically planted garden of perennials. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to slow, confuse, weaken and mulchify 26 types of zombies before they reach your front door. Each flesh-eater has its own special skill, like pole vaulting or zomboni driving, so you’ll need to think fast to combat them all. It also gives you the ability to create your own custom zombie. Must be played by all, the most famous online game definitely gives you the never gained experience.

Controls: LEFT Mouse button = Select and Use; Mouse = Drag and position

Note: Use the mouse to collect sunlight and plant different species of plants to defend your beloved house from the attack of horrible zombies. Use the extra sunlight you earn to buy upgrades. Plant atleast Three Sunflower for the survival.

PLAY all the above and I am 100% sure you would love my collection as they have been narrowed after gaining experience from all of them. If you want more then visit the following websites for the full-on ONline Gaming…


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