10 Best iOS Antivirus for iPhone, iPad and Apple iMac


Android and iOS have been the two most popular and powerful operating systems currently in vogue. They have been fighting for supremacy. One of the major arguments put forth in favour of iOS is its security. It has been considered to be most secure platform among all the competitors.

However, that does not make iOS users safe from the malicious attacks. That is exactly why we are presenting a list of our top picks for the best iOS antivirus solutions for your Apple devices.

Best iOS antivirus apps for your Apple devices

1. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is a well-known name antivirus tool meant for laptops and PCs. The tool has now been made available for smartphones as well.

You get an impressive and good looking interface. It is quite easy to understand and learn the functions. It offers you a faster scanning ability that handles the threats that your iPhone may be subjected to.
Some unique features of the app are

  • It comes with a safe vault to safeguard your photos and videos.
  • It backs up your contacts and restores them when you want them.
  • You can use Remote Wipe feature to completely wipe your device remotely
  • Anti theft and anti lost feature

2.Avast Secure Me

Avast Secure Me is basically an app that takes care of your online security. More than working as an antivirus, it takes care of your privacy concerns when you browser through the pages.

The application allows you browse your favourite sites without having to fear about your security. VPNs are generally hated because they reduce your internet speeds. Avast Secure Me handles both security and power simultaneously.
Some specific features of the app are

  • Best protection against public WiFi services.
  • It does not provide you ad blocking service.
  • It offers you over 27 different servers.
  • A clean and simple interface

3. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout can backup everything on your smartphone. It can backup everything on your phone and restore it whenever you need.

One of the best features of the app include its ability to send your phone into the lost mode. Lookout has a setting that will make your phone – when lost – to display the word Lost and your contact inforamtion along.
A few salient features of the app can be summed up as

  • It saves your last location when the battery is about to doe
  • It offers you alerts whenever you have iOS updates
  • You can call your phone from the Lookout website.
  • Easy backup and restore of all your data

4.Norton Internet Security

Norton is the huge name in the realm of antivirus solutions. After serving hundreds of thousands of laptops and PCs, Norton has now forayed into the world of smartphones.

It provides you a robust, effective and powerful protection from the malware that may affect your iPhone. Besides, it backs up your data on a regular frequency. Norton Mobile Security also offers anti-theft and anti-loss functionality as well.
Some noteworthy features of the app are

  • You can easily locate your phone through maps.
  • It offers seamless backup and restore functionality.
  • You can call your phone if it is lost through the internet and trace its location

5. Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security is one of the high standard antivirus solutions you can lay your hands on for your iOS devices. It has rightly been treated to be one of the best iOS antivirus apps.

The antivirus tool expects you to sign up for an account with Avira and that could be something that may be resented by some users. However, it ensures that you get a personalised protection with account creation. Avira also forces you save your backups only on its own cloud storage.
A few salient features of the app are

  • It comes with on demand macware checker and also acts against identity thefts.
  • There is an iOS Checker feature that alerts you keep your iOS devices updated
  • You have access to an able community of Avira users to help in cases of issues


VirusBarrier is one such app that protects you from being affected, and at the same time it prevents you from being a carrier of the threrats furhter.

What we mean by that statement is that it will scan your email attachments and other details before being sent, so that you won’t be affecting other users out there. The app has been taken down recently from the Apple app store, but you should be able to get from the official website.
Some of the salient features of the app include

  • It can analyse the file in Google Drive, and DeropBox as well.
  • It comes with a detailed history log
  • It analyses the malware before you send the attachment to someone else

7. Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus comes with a paid model for its different services. It ensures safety of your device and privacy with some interesting features.

Trend Micro helps you avoid threats to your identity. If you are on social media most of the time, this is indeed the best antivirus app for you. The tool has an intelligent feature that identifies the harmful websites. It works seamlessly with Safari and thus takes a user-friendly scanning.
A few worthwhile features of the tool can be summed up as

  • It offers protection against identity thefts
  • You can manage your monthly data usage costs and limits
  • It lets you backup and restore your contacts.
  • Excellent protection aginast fraudster sites

8. Mobishield

Yet another popular in the security systems arena, Mobishield is an able app to protect yourself from malware. It is indeed one of the best iOS antivirus apps worthy of mention.

It offers a real-time scanning for the vulnerabilities and repairs the issues almost instantly. It can also check if it is jailbroken. Mobishield comes with multiple apps built within the software to take care of threats to your device.
Some salient features of the app are

  • It continnually scans your usage patterns
  • It is capable of backup and restore functionality
  • The app monitors your iPhone battery usage and storage
  • It also scans the network you are connected to
  • It also tracks your data usage

9. 360 Security

360Security is one of the best antivirus apps for your iOS device. In fact, it includes a huge range of applications into one.

360 Security packs in multiple functionalities within a single application. The app helps you clean up space on your phone. It comes with a simple and intuitive interface. Unbelievable huge number of applets may disturb some.
A few features that set it apart include

  • It comes with huge functionality by squeezing in as many applications as possible.
  • It has one of the strongest antivirus application
  • It is a robust and lightweight antivirus
  • The tool also comes with a memory booster and a battery optimiser.

10. F-Secure Safe

F-Secure was one of the applications that used to come preinstalled with certain devices. It is one of the top contenders for the best iOS antivirus apps for iPhones.
It is basically an application that lets you browse internet and use banking sites without any tension. F-Secure safeguards your browsing patterns.
Some unique features of the tool include

  • It will help you find a lost phone
  • It has parental controls to take care of phone usage by your kids
  • It helps your data by stopping loading rogue sites.

In conclusion

That would conclude our listing of best iOS antivirus apps for your iPhone. We have made it a point to include such apps that cater to a wider range of audience. We would welcome you to share your views with us about the apps featured in this listing.

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