Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers


Google Chrome is one of the best web browser. It is available for cross platform and available for Windows , Linux and Mac. We also recommend to use Google Chrome it is fast, secure and light weight. Searching and other task are also simple with the support of millions of addons and extensions. Now as blogger it is pretty much helpful when you just got everything in one place.

Today we will provide you top 7 Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers. In blogging there are many things you have to take care of. Just like SEO, Alexa , Screen shots, media , Ads. So these addons are specially designed and developed for bloggers so that they can utilize there time pretty much and make most of it.

Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

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1- SEO For Chrome

SEO for chrome provides you the best SEO stats and help you to make your daily SEO task easy. You can do competitive analysis, keyword research, backlinks checks, page rank and other important data which matter most in every blog <link>

2- Page Rank Status

This addon is very similar to SEO for chrome but this is another top google chrome extensions for bloggers . With there additional features you can find everything about any site . You can check Alexa ranking, Whois information , Geographic location of particular site, Domain information, Social media intigration and much more. You can give it a try to keep track on your blog success. <link>

3- Evernote Web Clipper

This is another a great addon for Google Chrome users. It is very helpful if you like to read articles on other blog. This application can make a copy of article and save it for you to read it later. You can access EverNote from your pc, mobile , iPad and table and read the saved articles. <link>

4- Awesome Screenshot

As the name indicates this application is designed for take screen shots and edit them. You can capture whole page or particular region and edit them on Google Chrome . This addon will help you to create awesome screenshots which are effectively edited. You can save the edited images on your local directories and later use them on your work. <link>

5- Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa traffic rank is another very important addon for Googlr Chrome. This addon will help you to analyze the alexa ranking of your blog. Installing alexa widget and addon can help you increasing your alexa ranking . This is a very light weight addon just install it and enjoy <link>

6- PageSpeed Insights

This addon is official addon and developed by the Google. This addon can analyze the page speed and give you the suggestion to improve them. Later you can use the suggestion for more page speed. This methods can also increase the visitors on your blog , Because people love fast and light weight blogs rather then heavy and bulky one. <link>

7- Adblock

Adblock is technically not related to blogging in any manner but it is very useful in Google Chrome. This addon hide the ads from webpages and hence site load fast and you can save bandwidth using this addon. <link>

These are some common yet important addon for google chrome. Top 7 google chrome extensions for bloggers is over here. if you have suggestion about any other addon let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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