Top 5 Free Google Reader Alternatives


Google is killing another great service and digging the grave for Google Reader. Well it is a great service and most of the people use it for accessing the RSS feed they have stored in it. July 1st 2013 was the last day for Google reader and everybody is very curious about google reader alternatives.

Today we are going to share top 5 free Google reader alternatives. All of them are free and best at their work. For transferring the feed to the respective service you can use Google Takeout. Which will allow you to download all the stuff you have on Google’s server, including files on your drive.

Top 5 Free Google Reader Alternatives

#1 The Old Reader

Old reader is a best Google reader alternative and people are going to love it. It is still in beta condition and under development . You can transfer your feeds from Google using OPML import. It could be the nice replacement for the Google reader. You can sign in using Facebook and Twitter account. It is safe, secure and fast. Interface is familiar , you have got your folders on the left and the content on the right.

As they promised they are developing a mobile app but currently they have not any mobile app. Site works fine on the mobile devices so you access your feeds using The Old Reader on your mobile device as well

#2 Bloglines

Bloglines is another fastest way to find feeds online. You can transfer your feeds from Google reader to bloglines. This service is still in beta that means you have to wait for a while for a stable version. It has some exciting features such like drag , drop and widgets. Organizing you feeds is really simple in this application . You can give it a try as lots of people are switching to the Bloglines.

#3 NewsBlur

Stories and news are instantly fetched on newsblur so it is easy to stay updated. This service can be used on windows, mac , iPhone & iPad and Android. Reading experience is fairly nice on the news blur and seems like you are reading it on the site (live ) (context ). It is free but there is a premium account for jusy $24 a year. In which you will get premium support and no restriction using the specific features.

#4 Feedly

Feedly As Google Reader Replacement

Feedly is a great and free Google reader alternative. Feedly is most popular Google reader alternative. More than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined feedly over the last 48 hours. Now you can decide for you self to weather choose it or not. Interface and layout is very cool and you can manage your feeds easily. Another great thing about Feedly it that, they have iOS and Android Apps for mobile user. Now you can also get updated using your mobile phone

#5 Pulse

Pulse is the last but not the least top 5 free Google reader alternatives. Pulse is something worth a try, It will turn your feeds into master piece and you will love to read them. Layout is something I am a big fan of. If you found something interesting just tap the star and save it for later, You can also share the stories for evernote , Pocket and many more. This service is also available on Android and iOS . Pulse got so many fans including me and whoever try this becomes a big fan , Even Steve Jobs praise the pulse. Just give it a try and I am sure you gonna love it.


There are some other great Google reader alternatives which you can try.

These were some of the best and top 5 free Google reader alternatives services. According to the latest news Digg is also working on building a good RSS reader which might be a best alternative for this. But for that we have to wait for little while. Tell us which RSS reader do you use often ? We would love to hear from you.

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