10 Best Antivirus Apps for Apple iPad Full Security


You have your computer and Laptop and have antivirus tools installed on them. Same goes for your smartphones and allied devices. When you have invested in a robust and expensive iPad, you will take care to invest in its security as well. That is exactly why we have listed out our top picks for the best antivirus apps for iPad.

iOS is one of the most secure operating systems. If you have an iPad, you may as well ask us as to why would you need an anti-virus on it. Well, the major purpose of using an anti-virus would be to protect your device from malware. It will provide you an additional layer of software. We have listed our top picks for the best anti-virus apps for iPad.

Top Best AntiVirus Apps for iPad

The antivirus programs listed in this article have been checked to be compatible with iPad. We have ensured that the tools included here work for all variants of iPad.

1. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout works both as an Antivirus and anti-theft software. It has been considered to be one of the excellent antivirus apps for iPad that ensures safeguarding your privacy while offering top end security.

The application is available for free. It can detect the malicious software that may affect your iPad. Apart from being an anti-virus and anti-theft tool, it can also handle backing up your contacts. The application is available for free, and you can upgrade to the premium version if you like it. Get more information on this link.

2. McAfee Anti-Virus

McAfee has been one of the top recommended names when it comes to a powerful antivirus apps for iPad. The application has been praised for its excellent interface.

The McAfee Anti-Virus has easy to follow steps. Moreover, the software also comes with a vault function. What we mean by that description is that it will let you keep your images and videos safer using the password provided by the Anti-Virus.

The McAfee anti-virus also works as an Anti-theft solution. You can even delete the contacts and other information on your iPad remotely. You may find details and download the tool from the official link.

3. Avira Mobile Security

Avira is one of the popular free anti-virus apps for iPad. It offers you multiple security functionalities.It has a very effective support system in place.

Some of the features provided by Avira include two-way firewall protection, social network shield, and a scan scheduler. Avira also lets you check if your accounts are hacked. The security tool also offers you anti-theft functionality. What we like the most with Avira is that it comes with a full-fledged social community of users. The forum styled community is always ready with solutions to your queries.

You can check the tool out at this link.

4. Avast Secure Line

This is not necessarily an anti-virus, but a secure VPN. It takes care of your privacy concerns. Avast has been a leader in security solutions with a host of applications under its belt.

Avast Secure Line VPN keeps your data and privacy secure when you are using a public WiFi. The tool helps you stay secure against the attack from fishing and data thefts. It uses virtual encryption technique to safeguard your device and the data on it.

You can download Avast Secure Line VPN from your app store or the developer website.

5. Sophos Mobile Control

Sophos Mobile Control is an enterprise level antivirus solution. It provides you with an easy to follow interface.

The software is developed by Enterprise Mobility Management, a well-known firm in the field of security systems. Some of the salient features of the tool include high-end data protection and best in class security. The software tool conforms to the industry standards regarding business solutions, thus safeguarding your sensitive business-related data.

You can gather more information on Apple app store or Sophos website.

6. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security is best suited for your Apple devices in general, and iPad in particular. The tool is an excellent option for pinpointing the fake websites that disguise as legitimate ones.

The tool offers you multiple features including managing your monthly data usage and costs. You can backup your contacts with the help of this tool. Trend Mobile Security supports multiple platforms. It blocks the online data theft attempts. You can be sure of your online identity being safe with this excellent tool.
Get it from the iTunes app store.

7. Norton Mobile Security

This would probably need no introduction. Norton has been considered to be one of the prominent and robust anti-virus solutions providers.

It offers you anti-theft functionality in addition to the standard anti-virus functions. Norton Mobile Security can find your iPad if lost or stolen. It saves the device location when the battery is low. The tool can backup and restore your contacts seamlessly across multiple platforms.

It also has a Scream Alarm feature that lets you know of it when it is lost or stolen. Get more information about this excellent tool and download it from the official iTunes Page.

8. Mobishield

Mobishield has been considered to be one of the high-end antivirus solutions for iPad. It provides you comprehensive information about your system and the vulnerabilities it may have.

The software comes multiple functionalities. In short, it does everything that your iPad needs regarding security. Some of the tasks that the tool can perform are Antivirus, Data Backup, System Optimization, Anti-lost and more. Mobishield also has a Traffic Monitor to check the data consumption on your device.

The application is available for download from iTunes store.

9. F-Secure

F-Secure is a tool that mainly concentrates on safer internet browsing. Unlike all other anti-virus solutions, F-Secure does not come with hordes of features.

With F-Secure, you can be assured of all your personal data being safe from the data thieves out there. The tool can also be used to block unwanted and spam calls and taking care of your stolen or lost iPad. You can also use it to detect and remove malicious apps. F-Secure lets you remotely erase the data from your lost device, thereby safeguarding your privacy.

You may download it from the official link.

10. VirusBarrier

It is one of the lesser known antivirus apps for iPad. It safeguards your iPad against the malware in an efficient way.

The application scans all your email attachments and other online data submissions. VirusBarrier can protect your device against the security vulnerabilities. One of the features that sets it apart from the rest is the speed at which it can handle the scanning and repairing of your affected files. The tool also comes with a host of other security measures like Safe Browsing, Safety against WiFi hacks and location tracking.

You can visit the official site.

In Conclusion

That would conclude our list of best Antivirus apps for iPad. We have made it a point to include the tools that would cater to a wider range of preferences and needs so that all our readers will find one or the other tool in the list appealing. Do share your opinions and views with us.

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