Blogging To Make Money: Are You Dedicated Enough?


Blogging to make money is one of the popular ways to make money online. There are so many advertisements in the internet attracting people to start blogging and saying how rewarding it can be.

They say it is one form of getting passive income and not a few bloggers declare that they make a lot of money by spending only a few hours on their website on a daily basis. When you look at it however, you will see that most of them are offering something for you to buy so you can start blogging allegedly the right way.

Don’t get me wrong here because you can really earn some money blogging on the topic or niche that interests you the most. But the money that you can make from your blog may not be close enough from the figures shown by those attracting you to join the bandwagon.

Here are some truths you need to consider before joining the messy world of blogging with the end in view of making lots of money.

It is not easy

Forget and leave immediately the site that tells you it is easy to make lots of money from blogging because it is not true. You cannot get rich quick from writing blogs. When they tell you blogging is the perfect way to earn passive income, quickly leave the site as soon as you noticed that the site is trying to sell something.

The truth is it is not easy to make money from a blog especially nowadays where not only do you have to contend with the difficulty of getting organic traffic to your site but also with the algorithm changes that master Google is launching periodically.

To make money from a blog, you have to fill your site with content that people are looking to read and at the same time search engines are willing to recognize. You need to publish articles on a consistent basis and do a lot of SEO to make sure that the search engines will recognize you for the niche you’re aiming to be recognized for. I do take some time off from time to time because I need to refresh and get new ideas pumping in my cerebral juices.

It can take years to make money from blogging


There are webmasters who claim to have made money after just a few months of blogging in their chosen niche and they even show alleged proof of earnings. While some of them may have really hit the jackpot, believe me when I tell you that it is not true with millions of other webmasters in the same or other niches. It is actually easy to make money from blogging but whether the money is big or not is the main issue.

Money in blogging is not big

It is actually so small that sometimes it is not even enough to pay for the renewal of web hosting and domain renewal. If your only sources are CPC, CPM or CPA, then expect to see a nickel here and a dime there come trickling in on a daily or worse weekly basis. A lot of website owners are actually happy to earn $1 per day from their sponsored ads. This has led many to believe that blogging is no longer a ticket to make money online.

Are you still up to it?

A lot of website owners including myself learned the hard way that blogging to make money is not easy. It is perhaps the most difficult approach to making money from a website. I have to work hard everyday to improve my site and do SEO tweaks to make sure that I get to increase my organic traffic or to recover from Google algorithm updates.

It is more difficult to having a shop in a commercial area where you just wait for the customers to come in after a few simple promotions. With blogging, you have to work continuously to ensure that your traffic grows on a steady basis. Are you still up to it?

I don’t mean to discourage you however. What I want to impart in this post is for you to have that mindset that blogging as a means to make enough money will take time and there is even no guarantee that it can happen at all.

It is necessary to maintain an offline source of income and consider blogging instead as an outlet for your skills. I guess it is when you are not forcing the site to immediately make big money that you can actually see better gains.

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