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Android apps is using by millions of users now the days. Android is the most usable OS in the world now. There is more than 1.2 Billion Android apps users worldwide. Here I will discuss with you “How to develop Android apps”? Showing you some of the basic points that you have to keep in mind before Start developing Android apps.

Learn the language for Android Apps

Predominantly, Android apps are written in Java. There are multiple versions of Java available for Android developers, with most using the x86 versions over the sometime problematic 64-bit version.

Using XML

At the backbone of what makes certain Android apps look great is XML. Using XML is a relatively easy way to take complete control of each and every design aspect of the app, without losing hours and hours stuck in messy code.

DIY apps

By scouring the web, you’ll now find several online app creators, enabling everyone to produce their own app. The MIT App Inventor is fairly straightforward for everyday users to get to grips with.

Do I need Android Studio?

Yes! Android Studio is a complete package for developers, helping them create, debug and test any new application. For new developers, it includes a template wizard which takes you through the entire development process.

Tools of the trade

The key thing any developer will need is to download the Android SDK file. Game developers will want to also download the Unreal Development Kit which powers many AAA mobile gaming titles.

Testing apps


The Android SDK fi le includes ‘monkeyrunner’, an API that can be used to scrutinize each aspect of the app before publishing. For seasoned developers, there’s also the much more advanced JUnit.

Learn SQL

Android uses SQLite to help keep a database of the inner workings of your app. The version that Android users have access to is a more stripped back offering than the full SQL database.

Tablet apps made easy

Use Android Studio to ensure your app is also tailored for tablets and other devices. Within this suite you can implement flexible layouts which can then be optimized to fit a wide range of screen sizes.

Master the Android Asset Studio

Everything from the Roboto font to the inner workings of the Holo theme can be found in the Android Asset Studio. It’s the best way to keep your app in line with pure Android.

The cost of publishing

Google charge a one-off fee of $25 to distribute apps. When uploading an app, the APK can’t be bigger than 50MB. You can include up to 4GB of additional file downloads if needed.

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